Friday 21 June 2024

The Shortest Day


We officially reached Winter Solstice at 8.50am this morning, making today our shortest day.

The sun rose at 7.34am and it will set again at 5.07pm.

We almost had a frost today, but had heavy dew instead.  I loved the way the dewdrops sparkled on the grass in the lawn.

There is some cloud in our blue skies, but it isn’t cold.  We reached a high of 15 degrees Celsius mid-afternoon, but the temperature is dropping now.

My polyanthus plants have started to bloom.

After being out every day this week, today I managed to stay at home and do some baking.

I made a Coffee Cake, which is always popular with my boys.

For all my Southern Hemisphere readers – stay warm and cozy.

To all my Northern Hemisphere readers – enjoy your longest day and shortest night!


Margaret xx


  1. Today might be the shortest day but we have had more daylight today than for the rest of the week but it's been very cold. I didn't realise it was the shortest day until my daughter told me. We were later closing the drapes today because it was lighter. Keep warm and cosy :)

  2. Happy solstice. It sounded like a great winters day

  3. It was a frost here Margaret, and 2o colder than you - But I did get the washing dry - just. Your coffee cake looks amazing, and the polyanthus is a gorgeous colour

  4. After being out every day, a day at home feels good. We will be heading to.shorter days now...I dont mind at first...

  5. Happy Winter Solstice. Enjoy your coffee cake (it certainly looks a good one)

  6. Your shortest day and oh I'm wishing for your cooler days! It's supposed to be 93F here today and 96F tomorrow - all I can say is it's miserable. I'm out watering early, barn fans are on animals along with treats like apples and watermelon to try and keep them cool. Coffeecake sounds delightful...enjoy a slice by the fire for me!

  7. It is so interesting to read how you spent the shortest day compared to our longest. Humidity was an issue here.

  8. Happy Solstice. Lovely looking coffee cake. It isn't feeling like baking weather here now, although the worst of the heat wave is over...for now. Yes, daylight lingers on towards 10PM, and then the fireflies light up the night.

  9. Great picture of the dew on the grass. I hope you had a good day.

  10. Wellington's been having amazingly calm and pleasant days - I keep wondering when the next storm will hit! That Poly looks great, we have azalea flowering fit to burst. The coffee cake looks great - can you please post the recipe, I've never made one and I'd like to try. Thanks. Virginia

    1. Hi Virginia. I will try and post the recipe some time this week.

  11. Fifteen degrees. Our temperatures have been low here something like 17 last week and only risen above that this week. I’m in Cornwall UK and it’s definitely not been flaming June. I’ll look forward to the cake recipe, it looks delicious.

  12. We just had our longest day in Alaska. I had to look it up. Sunrise at 4:42, first light at 2:54am, sunset at 11:35pm.


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