Monday 17 June 2024

A New Local Park

I heard about a new park that had opened up in a nearby subdivision, so went and checked it out.
I think it has the potential to become a very pretty place for a walk.

The footpaths were wide and there was plenty of good seating to be had, so one could sit and enjoy the view and the local birdlife.

I saw several pukekos and there were mallard ducks hiding in the reeds.

Stupidly, though, there wasn't anywhere to park a car. 
The road was too narrow for safe roadside parking so I ended up parked half over the kerb. 

It looks a bit like the Powers That Be want to keep the place for the exclusive use of the residents who will live next to it.
But perhaps, when the subdivision is fully developed, a decent parking area might magically pop up somewhere nearby.
I hope so.
Margaret  xx 


  1. That pond is quite beautiful. Lush green and blue sky and water.

  2. The lack of parking here is frustrating in some areas too. They assume everyone will walk or bicycle to these areas.

  3. Not making a proper parking area seems like an oversight. Hopefully one will yet be created. It looks like quite a lovely place.

  4. I so hope parking does open so you an enjoy it! And show us what you see.


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