Tuesday 25 June 2024

It Must Be Winter

The sun managed to break through this morning. 

Many years ago, I developed the habit of buying myself a treat when I bought the weekly groceries. 
Today, it was a chocolate lamington with fresh cream.
I'm not sure it's a particularly good habit to have! 

My flowers welcomed the weak winter sunshine. 

It wasn't long before the clouds took over again.
Definitely winter weather!
Margaret xx 


  1. Funnily enough, my husband was talking about Lamingtons at lunch time, his mother made delicious ones. your does look good.

  2. Winter treat really warms me up

  3. Chocolate Leamington with fresh cream OMG. I can taste it right now, or I wish I could lol. I bet you enjoyed every bite

  4. We have your sunshine here, finally summer has arrived, not sure how long it will last.

  5. A lamington..Now that invokes memories...a tea shop in Melbourne on an hot pre-Christmas day. I've never seen one over here.

  6. I would take one of your winters any winter. The flowers are pretty!

  7. It's important to treat yourself to something good, as long as it's not every day! It looks very good :)

  8. I get myself treats, too, when shopping. But usually not just one...I will get a 4 pack of pecan/cinnamon buns, or iced cinnamon things...that way I can have one every day. But like you say--may not be the best of habits.

  9. I had to look up lamingtons not having heard of them before. I can see why you chose this as your treat...looks delicious.
    Your flowers are still looking so good. Will they keep blooming right into the dead of winter?

    1. Violas are usually hardy enough to survive and other things if I protect them from any hard frosts (which we haven't had many of in the last few years). Our climate here is temperate (no snow), so the garden may slow down but it keeps going.

  10. I had to look up lamington - you had me at chocolate! And yes a little treat is always a good idea. Good for you!

  11. Your flowers look cheery for Winter. I treat myself some Whittaker's chocolate each week, sometimes it's a different flavour.


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