Wednesday 2 August 2023

A Mint Smoothie


As a general rule, I usually prefer to follow a recipe when cooking.  Once I find a recipe I like it gets tweaked to suit our personal preferences and then I stick with it.

Not so with Smoothies!  I can get ideas from other people’s recipes but never seem to be able to follow them.  It is always a case of throw in whatever is on hand and hope it tastes alright!

Our blender recently ceased to work and we have replaced it with a Nutribullet 900 “nutrient extractor” and are finding it great for getting back into making Smoothies again.

This one was a Mint Smoothie that I made last night.

As I said, no recipe but I can tell you what went into it – ½ avocado, 1 small frozen banana, a piece of celery, a small handful of fresh mint leaves and some milk.

The mint flavour made it very refreshing, but maybe next time I will use water instead of milk.  We’ll see, it will change each time I make it!

Have a happy day 😊



Tuesday 1 August 2023

Only Mittens Knows


Mittens and Millie, our two cats, are both growing older and each winter they feel the cold more and more (a bit like us old fogies!).

Millie has discovered the joys of sprawling in front of the fire to get warm, but Mittens is still afraid of it – she doesn’t like the movement of the flames or the crackle of the logs.

So I put a fluffy blanket on her favourite chair in my room and she snuggles into it to sleep (at night, when she gets too cold, she appears on my bed and curls up beside me).

Every time I walk into the room I get this “look” from her – am I being a nuisance by disturbing her, is she telling me to go away, or is she just checking out what I am doing?

Only Mittens knows for sure!

Today is the first day of the last month of winter – Yay!  It won’t be too many weeks now before the trees start putting forth new buds and the birds start getting amorous.

Sometimes the year seems to go by so slowly, but other times it is whizzing by much too fast.  Before we know it, it will be the year 2024 – oh, my goodness!

Make the most of each day 😊



About two hours drive from our place is Mount Maunganui.  This photo was taken the last time I climbed to the summit – in 2008!

The Pacific Ocean here is much loved by surfers, who flock to the waves when the surf is “up.”  On the other side of the peninsula are the quiet waters of the harbour, which is also the entrance to a major port.  At the base of the Mount can be seen the popular Beachside Holiday Park, along with the hot salt-water pools.