Sunday 31 December 2023

New Year Resolutions


Making New Year resolutions has never been a big thing in my book – perhaps I instinctively knew that it was extremely unlikely I would keep any of them!

But the start of a new year, like the turning of a page, does seem to be a good time for starting off on new ventures and making new plans.

A sunny day at Raglan 

Perhaps I might have more success with making resolutions if I followed the advice of Bishop John H. Vincent and reminded myself of them every day.  He was a Methodist minister who died in America in 1920, and in 1909 the Chautauqua Press published this prayer by him in one of their calendars:

“A Resolve for Every Morning of the New Year

I will this day try to live a simple, sincere and serene life, repelling promptly every thought of discontent, anxiety, discouragement, impurity and self-seeking, cultivating cheerfulness, magnanimity, charity, and the habit of holy silence, exercising economy in expenditure, carefulness in conversation, diligence in appointed service, fidelity to every trust and a child-like trust in God.”

I wonder how well he succeeded?

The dawn of a new day

Mittens and I wish you all a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and a great year in 2024 😊




I took this photo in 2008 while on holiday at Papamoa beach in the Bay of Plenty.  It shows the walkway we followed through the sand dunes to reach the white sandy beach and the blue ocean beyond.


Thursday 28 December 2023

Gladioli and Grass


I woke early this morning and decided to write this before I got up.

Butterfly Gladioli have been flowering in my garden.  They have such pretty colours and frilly edges and don’t grow as tall as normal gladioli, so are perfect for my little tub-garden.

I seldom pick gladioli for the house, preferring to watch them as they gradually bloom all the way up the stem, but yesterday I decided to pick some of the tops and bring them inside.

This one brightens up a little spot beside the kitchen sink.

When I also brought a bunch of grass seed-heads indoors, my son thought I was a bit balmy.  But now he agrees – they really do make quite an attractive picture when you look at them.

The grass was growing wild and I have no idea what it’s name is, I just liked the look of it!

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season 😊



Sunday 24 December 2023

The Joy of Happiness


Happiness is a personal choice.

Have you ever stopped to think what a simple pleasure Happiness is?  It seems to me that it is so easy to fall into the trap of saying “I will be happy when ….,“  instead of appreciating the moment right now and taking joy in it.

Even when things look bad or when one is struck down with illness, there are still moments in life when we can choose to feel happiness.

A decision to find happiness and gratitude for at least one thing every day, along with a smile on the face, can help alleviate even the worst of personal suffering.  It doesn’t remove the problem, or make a situation any better, but it certainly makes things easier to endure when you cultivate a happy and thankful mindset.

The world we live in is a beautiful place.  Yes, awful things happen all the time, but that is not an excuse for us to stop seeing the beauty in our lives.

A baby or small child, sweet in all their innocence.  The chirping of birds, or the glow of a pretty sunset.  Patting a purring cat, painting your fingernails, the smile of a friend, the sound of rain on a tin roof, the scent of an unobtrusive flower – all these and so much else can bring happiness into our life if we allow it.

The Bible says “Seek and you shall find.”  It was speaking about our relationship with God, but the principle behind it remains valid when we consider choosing to be happy.  Seek out the joyful parts of your life and let them put a smile on your face.

May you blessed with a Happy Christmas this 2023, as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour 😊