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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

People Need Love


This last week I have had a bit of a dilemma to face and now I have a confession to make. 

An elderly friend was feeling extremely lonely and depressed and was in desperate need of having some human-to-human contact, so I visited her for a couple of hours.

We maintained social distancing and we have both been fully vaccinated, but under our current lockdown restrictions it could be argued that I was guilty of Civil Disobedience.

This lady has children who live outside our restricted area and so they have been unable to personally visit her.  She was anxious and worried about how Covid in the future was going to affect both her and her loved ones.  I hope I was able to allay her fears a little.

Our little garden beside the driveway

Under Level 3 we are allowed to extend our household bubble to include one other vulnerable person, and we have already done that with a vulnerable family member.  We are not meant to have contact with anyone else.

However, today it was announced that the Waikato area would have its lockdown restrictions reduced to the same level as the Auckland area (who have ten times the number of daily cases that we are getting). 

This means that two household bubbles can now meet together outdoors with social distancing.  We are also now allowed to go hunting, fishing, scuba diving etc. (not that I would want to!!), so from tomorrow my visit would probably have been alright.

I made a decision that I will not turn my back on family or friends who are having mental health issues because of Covid lockdowns.  Not everyone wants to call Helpline, and when someone needs my help I will give it in any way that I can.

Surely, as sensible adults, we can take the proper precautions and be there to help each other when needed.

Take care,