Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Out For Lunch


I think if I was left to my own devices I could easily become a hermit, so it is just as well I have friends who occasionally invite me to join them for lunch.

I always enjoy it, so I’m not really sure why it takes so much effort to be more social.  Perhaps I am getting into a bit of a rut – and that is no good at all!

Today I joined an old friend at a quiet café and we happily passed an hour together chatting about this and that and nothing in particular.

I ordered Macaroni Cheese and it came with token salad and a decorative drizzle of sweet sauce.  It went well with my lemon and ginger tea.

The afternoon was quiet and I had a little snooze on my bed in the sun.  It made Mittens very happy – she loves having me in the bedroom and seems to think it is her Cat Duty to keep an eye on me when I am there.

Lately she has been developing a new habit – if she thinks I haven’t come to bed at a reasonable hour, she will come and butt her head against my leg and then sit and frown at me (yes, cats can frown) until I make a move.

How can you not love an adoring moggy?

Margaret 😊