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Friday, 7 August 2020

Shopping Frustration

The portable USB hard-drive that I use to store my photos is beginning to stutter around so I thought I would buy a new one before it packed up completely.

There are a couple of shops that sell these – I dismissed the big PB Tech store because their staff are always so patronizing (little old ladies know nothing), so drove across town to Warehouse Stationery.

The hard-drives were not on display.  Instead they had little cards hanging there, to be taken to checkout to receive the item you want.  I chose one and picked up a card, of which there were at least five.

The checkout was unattended,  so I crossed the shop to The Warehouse checkout and stood in line to be served.  When I asked if I could buy it there she said yes, but she didn’t know what the card was about. 

Wait for a supervisor.   No, I will have to go to the Warehouse Stationery checkout for that.  “But there was no-one there,” I complained.  “Oh,” she says, “you just have to stand there and someone will come eventually.”

I walked back across the shop and there was a girl, all by herself, with a queue of people waiting.  I waited patiently, but one woman in front of me plonked her stuff down and walked out.

The girl, who really belonged to the Copy Department and not the Computer side, searched through the cupboards but couldn’t find anything so she rang for assistance.  Lots of people waiting behind me now.

A woman sauntered over and took the card from me.  She slowly went to the back of the serving area and picked up some keys and unlocked a cupboard.  Finally, she came back and shoved a box at me.  “We don’t have that one,” she says, “only this larger one” as she scanned it in - it was $50 dearer!

“But what about all the cards hanging at the display,” says me, beginning to lose my cool.  She pulled a bit of a couldn’t-care-less face, shrugged, and said “Nobody’s been up there to remove them.”

I walked out. 

I don’t need to give my custom to any business that operates like that.  Son says he will buy me one online (but not from them!).

Now, I feel much better having told you all that!  I'm not complaining, but I do expect a certain standard of quality from the shops that I give my money to.

It is just coming in to rain again so I am glad to be home.  The builder came yesterday and put a new floor down in the toilet, and the plumber is expected on Monday to install the new unit.

All is good J


Thursday, 6 August 2020


It is 75 years today since Allied Forces dropped a devastating atomic bomb on Hiroshima, to be followed by one at Nagasaki.  It makes me sad to think it took such horrific events to end the mindless killings of a world war. 

My father visited this demolished city some months afterwards and it left a sobering impact on him.

There is a World Peace Bell in Christchurch and this was tolled this morning, along with other Peace Bells around the world.

The history of mankind is littered with the pain and suffering and cruelty of wars and man’s inhumanity to his own kind.

One wonders if it will ever end.

I have had trouble loading the two photographs with this post, so hope they are visible.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Winter Flowers

We have a gorgeous sunny winter’s day here, with a forecast high of 18 degrees Celsius.  I enjoyed doing my usual Tuesday shopping, visiting two different supermarkets, a Dutch delicatessen (I love their gouda cheese), an op shop (no finds today), and petrol for the car.

I always enjoy seeing the jonquils blooming in late winter.

A lot of rhododendrons and camellias are also coming out in flower.

After lunch I felt inspired to wander around our garden to see what blooms we have here. 

I loved the sunny gold colour of this polyanthus.

There were white fairy primulas nestled beneath the sweetpeas.

One of the hanging baskets is putting on a brave repeat show of sweet little faces.

Some of the spring bulbs I planted have begun to flower, but I can’t remember whether these are the anemones or the ranunculas!!

On the Toilet Scene, the builder has been to inspect and says the whole floor needs replacing – preferably with hardwood and not chipboard that was used previously.  The plumber is due to arrive this afternoon and he will hopefully be able to disconnect everything – the toilet is continuing to sink further into the floor so I will be happy when it is removed.

Thank goodness for portable camping toilets!

Margaret J

Monday, 3 August 2020

A Comical Disaster

I can see it is going to take a while to live this one down – mum sat on the loo and it went through the floor!  I got such a shock when the whole unit suddenly lurched over to one side and partially sunk into the floor, ripping apart the seat and breaking the flushing system. 

Son has been in touch with both plumber and builder this morning, and it appears either a house pile has collapsed or the floor has rotted through.  We had no warning of anything being wrong, so it is a very unexpected disaster and is not going to be that cheap to fix either.

It looks like we will be without this basic bathroom facility for at least a week, if not two, until everything can be fixed up.  Grand-daughter can stay with her mother so that is no problem, leaving just son and I needing help. 

A quick look online, a visit to a camping shop, and we now have a portable pottie in residence.

I am really getting a bit old for all this sort of stuff J


Sunday, 2 August 2020

Water Only

Politicians can be an endless source of amusement if you can see past the politics side of things.  I used to love the satirical TV programmes of earlier days, lampooning individual politicians, but apparently that is illegal now and you are no longer allowed to publicly poke fun at our thin-skinned politicians.

However, social media still has plenty to say and I had a good laugh last night after reading about The Green Party’s latest health manifesto.  (These are the people who are doing their best to both ban the use of tobacco and legalize the use of marijuana)

They state they plan to “support water-only policies in schools, hospitals and sports clubs.”  What?  No cold beer after a game of rugby?  No cup of tea with breakfast for hospital patients?  No coffee after the PTA meeting at school?  Whatever is the world coming to?

Of course, the Greens are now stating that they actually meant they want to restrict the use of sugary drinks – so why didn’t they say that?  Perhaps they have been smoking too much weed!

If we cannot have a giggle at some of the mistakes our political parties occasionally make, then the world is becoming a very sorry place indeed.

Hope your day is going well,

Margaret J



The photos are all different drinking water fountains from my archives.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

A Blustery Saturday

It’s a bit of a blustery day today, with overcast grey skies and the odd skirmish of squally wind.  The weak winter sun tries to shine through occasionally, but then gives up and retreats to its hideout.

At least it isn’t raining, well, not yet anyway!

This morning I wrote an email to my daughter – she gets one at least every week, and we usually message each other as well. 

Late morning I took grand-daughter and a friend around to another friend’s home for a birthday party, and then came home and spent some time going through the Kings Seeds catalogue that arrived in our mailbox.

Now, after my corned beef sandwich lunch, I am off to visit one of my brothers and his wife.  It should be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Take care and stay safe J


Thursday, 30 July 2020

Breakfast Muesli

Everyone has their preferred food to have for breakfast, and one of mine is homemade muesli.  I have tried out various recipes over the years, recording each of them in my recipe book, and this morning I made up my current favourite.

I call it simply Breakfast Muesli and it involves placing into a large bowl 4 cups rolled oat flakes, ½ cup shredded desiccated coconut, 3 tablespoons each of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon, and ½ cup of dried cranberries(or other dried fruit).

Mix it all together with a large spoon and then store in an airtight container.

I use about ½ cup per serving, adding milk, yoghurt, fresh fruit etc. (basically, whatever you fancy – I often just pour hot water over mine and add a sliced kiwifruit).  If I intend to have a piece of toast after my cereal, then I only use ¼ cup.


Our weather is changeable today.  It began with a mostly blue sky but now, after lunch, the clouds are moving in from the west and the day has become decidedly duller.

Hope everyone is having a good day J