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Wednesday, 21 October 2020



Trying to log into motel internet spots is becoming a very frustrating exercise!  Photos won't upload, or do so very slowly, and one very antiquated place even told me I needed to update my browser because it wasn't compatible (I think it probably should have been the other way round).

So, my dear readers, I have now decided I am on holiday and don't need to have hassles like this - so no more blogging until after I get home.

Hugz to everyone.


Tuesday, 20 October 2020

On The Way To A Lighthouse


Another great day today although it was rather cloudy and we did go through some rain at times.

I loved seeing some of the lovely old hotels, like this example at Cheltenham.

A stop at the Te Apiti Wind Farm was rather cool.  I was able to stand directly beneath one of the turbines and listen to its loud whooshing hum, something I have never done before.

Lunch was at the Pukaha National Wildlife Centre, a conservation place with a lot of wild birds.  Unfortunately it was too wet to see very much but the gift shop was interesting!

This multi-directional sign at Woodville points to all the other Woodvilles around the world.

Masterton was a lovely town and I would love to visit it again and explore it more.  It is hard to believe, but it was lightly raining when I photographed these lovely gardens.

Our final destination for the day was Castlepoint where we spent time exploring around the local lighthouse which was built in 1913 and is the tallest lighthouse in the North Island.

Once dark descended we were treated to a forty minute display of changing colours lighting up the lighthouse.  It was cold and windy outside but worth going out there to watch for a while.

We have very limited internet at this place and I had a lot of difficulty uploading photos.  Which is why I have arisen from my sleep and gone online now at this unearthly hour!

Cheers everyone,

Margaret 😊


Sunday, 18 October 2020

Photographing Big Things


We were all packed up and on the road at 9am this morning!  Our first stop was at the small village of Tirau (well-known for its supply of antiques stores) to photograph the corrugated iron ram and ewe.

Down a side street we found the Tirau Outhouse, a public facility full of character!

A lunch stop was made at Taupo but as the place was exceedingly busy it was a bit of a hassle and I was glad when we were back on the road (although we stopped to photograph the Big Bike first! – Taupo is known as a racing bike destination).

When we stopped at Major Jones Bridge in Turangi (named after a guy who used to go trout fishing here) I was not game enough to cross over.  I am NOT a fan of swing bridges!

As we came through the central part of the North Island we made a long detour to see the Big Carrot at Ohakune.  It was originally used in an advertising campaign and is now a popular place for tourists to stop.

Our final stop for the day is Taihape with its large corrugated iron Gumboot.

Our motel was a short walk from a Steak House restaurant and I had a most delicious Belly Pork dinner.

It has been a good day to start our trip.  There has been some light rain this evening, but we remain optimistic that the weather will continue to be nice to us.

Until next time,

Margaret 😊


Saturday, 17 October 2020

I Am So Excited!


This time tomorrow morning and we will be on the road, heading off for a week of fun as four of us travel around the lower North Island.

I am so excited!

Our itinerary is finalized, my packing is all done, there are no household chores left to take care of.  I have even done all my shopping.  Time now to relax and enjoy the holiday.

This will be our mode of transportation

Yesterday I finally found a watchmaker/key cutter who could replace the batteries in my tiny LED torch.   It is only tiny and can easily be attached to my wallet, taking up little space, but it is so bright that it works as well as any larger torch.

I also took the opportunity to cast my vote.  For the first time (probably because of covid) voting has taken place over two weeks instead of one day.  Today is the last day and before the day ends we should know which party will be leading our government for the next three years.  It could be an interesting result.

I am looking forward to seeing more countryside again

I have no idea what internet access will be available while I am away so don’t be alarmed if I seem to disappear for the week!  

I will post if I can, but if I cannot then I will make up for it when I return 😊

Take care and stay safe everyone,


Wednesday, 14 October 2020

A Quick Update

 The days seem to be sliding past very quickly at the moment and I suddenly discover I haven't even looked at my blog for a couple of days.  

What have I been doing?  Nothing much really!  I have packed my bag for our road trip several times, and have now got it down to a small suitcase and a couple of shopping bags.

The bedroom is almost tidy again after being turned upside down as I organized my packing.  The rain has given way to some sunshine, and the cold evenings are back to being warmer again.

My breakfasts have changed to a Seed Muesli with yoghurt and fresh fruit, as it is nice to have a change sometimes.  

To my quarter cup of rolled oats I add 1 teaspoon each of pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflowers seeds, and flax seeds, and 2 teaspoons of chia seeds as well as two chopped up brazil nuts.  Top it with fresh fruit and a dollop of unsweetened natural live yoghurt and a sprinkle of spice.  

I hope everyone is having a good week.



Sunday, 11 October 2020

A Grey Day


I surprised myself this morning by being up in time to see the sun rise – and just as well I was, as it disappeared soon after and hasn’t been seen since!

The whole day appears grey when the clouds are so heavy that the sun cannot shine through.

A grey day like today (only this photo is more interesting to look at than around home!)

Son and grand-daughter have been away this weekend so I have been on cat-and-rat-sitting duties.  So far they are all alive still, and I am remembering to feed them at the right times!

Mittens taking a dim view of a very quiet weekend

The weather forecast is for heavy rain tomorrow but just cloud today, so after doing the general housework and vacuuming up countless clumps of cat fur off the floor (they are moulting), I spent some time in my potted garden.

The horseshoe is still waiting to be hung, but at least it is sitting the right way up!

I filled several pots with fresh potting mix ready for some seedlings to be purchased.  The idea is to have this area full of summer flowers so that the deck becomes an inviting place to sit, so I think I will go mainly for annuals to give the best show.

Some cheerful calendula flowers to cheer up the day

One more week until Road Trip time.  I am getting excited 😊

Have a great weekend,


Saturday, 10 October 2020

Starting The Day With Oxymel


Oxymel is an ancient mixture made of honey and an acid such as apple cider vinegar.  Hippocrates wrote about it for its ability to produce expectoration and promote “freedom of breathing.” 

It used to appear in ancient herbals for use as an immune system booster, often infused with various herbs and/or spices.

Traditionally the mix was made of five parts honey to one of vinegar, but modern taste often dictates a one to one ratio.  A teaspoon of the mixture is stirred into a cup of hot (not boiling) water and drunk on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

My Nana often began her day with a teaspoon of commercial honey/apple cider vinegar mix stirred into a glass of cold water.  She claimed it helped her arthritis, but it never helped mine! 

I dislike the harsh taste of vinegar but I do love honey.

My good friend J is Maori, and his grandmother told them to drink a teaspoon of manuka honey in a glass of hot water first thing every morning.  She said it was good for the heart and cleansed the kidneys, and gave one strength to face the coming day.

Pure manuka honey is expensive so I buy a honey mix that contains manuka.  I stir one teaspoon into my hot water and drink this first thing on most mornings (sometimes it is in the wee hours when I am having trouble sleeping).  

It is a nourishing, gentle way for me to break the night’s time of fasting.  My husband used to love starting his day with a serve of chilled juicy fresh fruit. 

Do you have a favourite thing you like to start your day with?

Margaret 😊

P.S. I love today’s date – 10/10/2020 !