Tuesday 30 March 2021

Making The Bed


I know several people who don’t, but I like to make my bed in the morning so that the bedroom looks neat and tidy for the rest of the day.

This morning I had to put the bed-making on hold.  I mean, how can you disturb one wet Mittens trying to dry off and warm up?

Our weather today is bleak, with rain and the occasional roll of thunder – the sort of day all self-respecting cats stay indoors as much as possible.  

Millie likes to sit near something open (a window or door) and peer frowningly out at the rain.

I was intending a supermarket visit today, but it is not urgent and can wait for another day.  I have things that need attending to on my computer, so it is a good day for that.

Be happy 😊


Thursday 25 March 2021

Grumpy Old Men


People who are grumpy must make themselves so miserable, as well as those around them.

Yesterday, on my way home from a visit to my brother, I stopped at an orange traffic light.  The man behind me sat on his horn and threw his arms up in the air – he obviously intended to have run the red light.

I could observe him in my rear-vision mirror and his face was so grumpy – it looked habitual, not just a momentary annoyance, and I felt sorry for him and the unhappy life he must lead.

Godwits taking to the wing at Omokoroa.

I believe we all have a choice in how we lead our lives.  We can be miserable and grumpy or we can choose to be happy and mindful of the good things in our life.

Happiness does not depend on what we have, or what activities we participate in, or how much money is sitting in our bank.  Happiness is a choice we make that comes from within ourselves, whatever our situation is.

Would you agree?

Margaret 😊

Tuesday 23 March 2021

One Of Those Weeks


It looks like I have taken a totally unscheduled break from blogging.  It wasn’t really my purpose to do so, but things have been happening in the family this last week and I never felt much like writing a blog.

We are all okay, and the issues are all things that can be sorted out and worked through.  Every family seems to have rough patches at times – I mean, look at England’s royal family, even they are not exempt!

It was a lovely morning today, weather wise, so I made a spur of the moment decision and headed over the Kaimai Range to Mt Maunganui and Papamoa.  I miss the beach, with its white sand and blue ocean, but there seemed to be so many people around that it was difficult to sit and enjoy nature.


I did take a walk along the harbour beach though, paddling in the clear water until I saw the dark shadow of a stingray glide past about two metres away from me.  I know they are plentiful in the harbour but I haven’t seen one so close to shore before.

It was nice to be able to get out for the day – something I really appreciate that we can still do, unlike so many places around the world.

I hope everyone is keeping well,

Margaret 😊

Monday 15 March 2021

Yesterday was a Good Day


We are having some lovely autumn weather at the moment.  Yesterday we reached the mid-20s (degrees C), but without the fierce heat of summer.

I spent most of the day with my brother J and his wife, catching up on things and doing a bit of family history research.  We had hot cross buns for lunch!

Easter holidays are approaching fast.  In fact, the year seems to be going by quite quickly – it will soon be winter with its dull dreary days.  Doesn’t bear thinking about.

The milk chocolate in hollow Easter eggs is something I rather enjoy, but when I looked in the supermarket they wanted $7.50 for the cheapest (hollow) one and I’m not prepared to spend that much!  Perhaps they will come on special once Easter has passed.

I captured this shot of Millie and Mittens as they sat out on our deck last evening.

Wishing everybody a happy and safe weekend,

Margaret 😊

Wednesday 10 March 2021

A Carpet Of Acorns


We received notice that workmen would be shutting off the water supply to our street today, so I thought I would go for a drive instead.

The weather was a bit dull, but it is always nice to get out into farmland away from the main roads.

I found a lovely old oak tree to park beneath and watch the world go by for an hour or so, but it was a little hair-raising when a couple of acorns landed on the top of the car.

What a noise! 

There were still quite a few acorns up in the tree and they were dropping at regular intervals, along with a few leaves. 

The whole area beneath this tree was covered with acorns – it would be squirrel heaven, if we had them here!  They were like a brown carpet and rolled and crunched under the feet when walked upon.

Autumn would have to be my favourite season of the year.  I love the mellowness of the weather, harvest is in full swing, and it is always interesting to observe the changes in nature as it prepares for cooler weather.

Stay safe and have a happy day 😊


Friday 5 March 2021

Thunderstorms, Figs, and Earthquakes


The first autumn leaves are beginning to trickle off a few trees, and last night I needed to find a blanket for the bed.  The seasons are beginning to change.

Yesterday we had a couple of big thunderstorms come through with torrential rain but no hail (at least, not here).  I met up with friends at a nearby village for lunch and it rained most of the way home.  At one stage it was like driving into a white wall of fog, except it was rain.

It wasn’t quite heavy enough to force me to stop, but the surface flooding on the road certainly gave the underneath of my car a good wash!

A couple of hours later and the thunder, rain and wind had all gone, and we had blue skies, sunshine, and a few wispy clouds showing that the wind was still ‘up there.’  

It is a bit different today, with a few clouds and a bit of sunshine and a cool breeze.

My friends gave me some fresh figs yesterday and, as I am about to have lunch, I think I will sample a couple.  We seldom see fresh figs in the shops (they grew these themselves) so they are a bit of a luxury to savour and enjoy.

Early this morning the East Cape experienced a large earthquake, followed by three big quakes at the Kermadec Islands that have now resulted in several coastal places being evacuated because of a tsunami threat.  I hope everyone manages to stay safe.

Take care everyone,

Margaret 😊

Wednesday 3 March 2021

The Days Are Going By


Oh dear, where have the days been going?  I am ashamed to say it is nearly a week since I visited Blogland.  Sorry everyone.

Today my youngest son turns 42 – why worry about the days sliding by, where did the years go????  He is in Auckland and I was going to visit him but with all of Auckland in lock-down that isn’t possible.  The same happened to us last year, but maybe next year we can get together (fingers crossed).

My Youngest, when he was still at his Cute Stage

Our hot days are slowly starting to get a cooler edge on some of them.  Autumn is coming!

Today we have extensive cloud cover with the threat of thunderstorms over the next few days. 

I woke this morning to some very heavy rain.  It is so cozy to be able to snuggle back down into the bed and enjoy the sound of the rain, without worrying about leaks or flooding or having to get up and go to work.

Mittens is curled up on the chair beside me and busy snoring.  I never knew cats could snore!!

Have a happy day everyone 😊