Saturday, 28 May 2022

The Dangers Of A Book Fair


This morning there was another Book Fair in the city, this time organised by the Rotary Club.

I succumbed to temptation and went along to have a look, along with a large crowd of other avid book searchers. 

The books were sorted into categories and ranged around the room, being viewed by Masked Readers (being a retail outlet, we were still required to wear a mask) who were practising a controlled form of subtle-push-and-shove, and grab-before-your-neighbour-gets-it.

I came home with eleven new Treasures, all non-fiction, and now have to find somewhere in the bookcase for them.  Once I have read through them, that is.

The books I got were:

Charlie Hammond’s Sketch Book – Charlie left England for the Antipodes in the 1890s and recorded his story in illustrated diaries

Cottages of New Zealand – a coffee table book about early settlers’ cottages and their gardens

Cowpats and Brickbats – a collection of tales from the Waikato (our province)

Flower Painting Workbook – a contemporary view on painting flowers

Healthy Gut Cookbook – recipes for digestive health

Historic New Zealand – showcasing some different places I may like to visit

Learn to Paint Landscapes – by Alwyn Crawshaw, an English artist I admire

Patterns of the Past – another sketchbook, this time drawings of early New Zealand buildings

Scarves and Other Accessories – different ways to wear and use accessories

Sewing Specialty Fabrics – a Singer book of tips on how to sew difficult fabrics

The River – the story of the Waikato River, which flows through Hamilton

A random page in Charlie Hammond's Sketch Book

Altogether, my shopping cost me $40.00 - attending a Book Fair is indeed a very dangerous place for my wallet to visit!

Happy reading 😊




  1. Dunedin used to have an amazing Second Hand Book sale at the Regent theatre on Queens Birthday weekend. I
    used to make so many trips, carrying home a box full each time (and donating the read ones back the next year).

  2. It may have been a dangerous visit for you wallet, but you certainly found some treasures there Margaret! I love your description of the crowd and their controlled push and shove :)

  3. Just think of the hours of entertainment the books provide, along with knowledge and inspiration. Well worth the price! Blessings...

  4. I wish I could have gone...but I should be thankful I didn't because my shelves are full. Still I would love to be able to look at that sketchbook...the pages you should sure look interesting.

  5. I grinned at the title of the article, Margaret. I understand!

  6. A great pile of books. Worth every dollar!

  7. Ahhhhhh but..... Such delightful DANGER!!!!! -giggggles-

    A stash of fun... That's not really dangerous. It's quite super. :-)))))))))))))

  8. This is exactly why I don't go to book fairs, I come out with way too many books to read.

  9. You came home with some treasures!!
    The books you chose all look interesting ( well, maybe not the Singer sewing tips one.) Hours of winter reading by the fire...definitely something to look forward to.

  10. Nice finds! We have been searching for specific books recently as well. Mostly outdoor writers; Gene Hill, Gordon MacQaurrie....

  11. You have some interesting books there, the one about early settlers and their homes sounds specially good

  12. Biiiig smile from here! They all sound so great and I agree. Dangerous places!!!

  13. It sounds like the gentle pushing and nudging was worth it despite the dent in your wallet. Enjoy your new reading material!

  14. Cowpats and Brickbats sounds like it would be a funny biography.

  15. You found hours of enjoyment there and even more hours as you will pull them down and go through them again and again through the years. Having quiet time with a book is so relaxing, our ears dearly need a break from the noise of the TV and radio. Enjoy!


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