Saturday, 7 May 2022

One Traumatized Cat


Poor Mittens. 

For about three hours last evening I could hear this dull thudding noise happening every now and then.  The neighbours were up to something strange, was what I thought.

And then Millie began racing up and down the hallway with thumping feet, as only a cat can do.  That should have alerted us to something, but it didn’t.

Finally, I thought I would get nosey and investigate the strange noise.  And that was when I heard a tiny piteous little meow – Mittens shut inside the linen cupboard!

She was so traumatized that she refused to leave my side the rest of the evening.  She slept on my bed all night, and now she keeps following me around everywhere.

Mittens is a “needy” cat at the best of times.  She thrives on lots of loving contact with the humans she adores (and hides from the rest of them), so she is being given lots of attention today to help her forget her terrifying experience.

Son and I have been avid followers of the Pacific Super Rugby season this year, watching nearly all the matches as they are broadcast live.

Tonight our local team, the Chiefs, are playing here in Hamilton against the Canberra Brumbies.  We won’t be attending, preferring to keep to our comfortable armchairs while watching the game live on Sky TV.

The Brumbies are ahead of us on the score table, but it is a home game for us and local support might help swing the game in our favour.  Should be a good game, regardless.

Have a Happy Weekend everyone 😊




  1. Oh poor Mittens - I have had cats that have been shit in cupboards and they really don't like it!
    My boy will be traumatised by the end of the day - we have had 7 12 yr old girls here for DGD's birthday party... lots of sugar, giggles and squealing...

  2. We hope the rugby went your way. Tell Mittens we are sorry to hear of her plight. Mr T had worked out how to open our linen cupboard and used to sneak in there for an undisturbed nap. His transgression only being discovered when linen came out covered in grey fur. Interesting that Millie was raising the alarm. F had two cats years ago (who weren't friends but when one got locked in a neighbour's undercroft, the other led her to the temporarily imprisoned cat. xxx Mr T

  3. Poor Mittens. At least she 'thundered up and down' so you heard her and could let her out.
    Good luck with the rugby!

  4. That must have been scary for Mittens. Hope she feels secure again soon.

  5. Ah, poor Mittens. I always feel so bad for Smokey when something scares him. My husband laughs and says good grief. He thinks it's funny. Mittens sure is a beautiful cat. Hope you're having a good weekend!

  6. Poor Mittens, time for some extra attention:)


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