Tuesday, 10 May 2022


What happens to old teapots?  Where do they go when they are no longer in use?

After who knows how many years of gracing a table, these venerable old ladies (I don’t think of teapots as being masculine!) can find themselves being added to special collections or hidden in some dark cupboard or being put to an entirely different task altogether.

One of my sisters-in-law loves to find old teapots and coffee jugs, mostly from thrift shops, and repurpose them into plant containers.

She has recently had two rustic shelving units made, to hang on a fence to display her goodies.

One can be seen from a dining room window and the other from a kitchen window.

I visited her this afternoon for a few hours and it was great to catch up on all the family news (gossip?). 

It seems as we grow older, we become more interested in hearing about what others are doing, more than actually doing things ourselves!

May your day be a happy one 😊




  1. Now that is REALLY cool. We particularly like the last one.

  2. Oh what fabulous teapots and planter shelves, they make a trio of stunning pieces. Isn't it good to catch up with family and hear all the news!

  3. I like to use grave boats and other kitchen pots for my plants, it's fun and cheap as I get them all second hand.

  4. Oh, love especially the last pic! Have a wonderful day :-)

  5. Just love those old teapots and the way they have been used. It's given me inspiration

  6. what a great idea for the old teapots :)

  7. The only time we replace a teapot is when the old one breaks, so repurposing is not even an option. I know that in England some people set them out for wrens to make their nest, and that seems like a fine use to me.

  8. I love what she done with them. And love that one that is pouring into the teacup!

  9. How cool is that? Repurposing things like that is intriguing but we are never around long enough so they would just dry up and die.

  10. I really like what your SIL has done with assorted china pieces and tea pots. I already have a shelf outside with some of mine but it's totally in the shade so no chance of anything growing there. Still, maybe I can steal her idea in the last photo.
    Have a great day.

  11. What fun...I'm always looking for ideas to add a little "surprise" to my outdoor gardens, these are brilliant!

  12. What a clever idea
    They look lovely and yes. I too see teapots as feminine
    Don’t know why. Men do drink tea. I think because they are such pretty and delicate things.
    The tea pots. Not the men lol

  13. I LOVE what she has done with these!!!!!!!!!!!! Adorable!!!!

    So true, about, when we grow older, it is nicer to hear about what others are doing, than "doing" ourselves! Just wait till you are 85 my Dear!!!!!!

    🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼


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