Sunday, 1 May 2022

So Cute


I just have to share this cute picture of these two little guys delicately eating a potato crisp.  They are using their paws just like hands!

We have a house guest this weekend.  He is a friend of my son’s and has come to Hamilton for a weekend of miniature war-gaming (a favourite hobby of Son).

I made Baked Chicken Legs for dinner.  It was a new recipe for me and so easy (recipe below).

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.

Margaret 😊



Allow at least one chicken leg per person.  Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

Using butter (important), liberally grease a roasting pan or Pyrex dish.

Season each leg with any seasoning mixture you prefer (I used Lemon Pepper Seasoning).  Whatever you use, it should contain some salt for the best results.

Place legs into the greased dish, skin side facing upwards, and dot with a good amount of butter.

Tightly cover the dish with tinfoil, then bake at 150C for one hour.

Remove the tinfoil, baste the chicken (that is, spoon some of the juices in the pan over the chicken), and return the dish to the oven.  Turn the heat up to 200C and bake for 10 minutes. 

Baste the chicken again and continue baking until the skin has gone crispy, about 10-15 minutes.

Serve hot with vegetables of choice (I used mashed potato, carrot rings, and Brussels sprouts), spooning some of the buttery juices over them.

Notes:  it is the butter and the initial slow cooking which makes this dish so delicious – a little decadent maybe, with all that butter, but great for a special occasion.


The autumnal mists are slowly rolling back from this farmland south of Te Awamutu township.

The photo was taken mid-morning about fifteen years ago, but the countryside still looks pretty much like it did then.  The brown strip in the middle background is maize waiting to be harvested.


  1. Love that header. The chicken looks good. The rats look cute…not something I ever thought I’d write. Lol.

  2. Rattys are cute and we blame them for too much evil. They weren't the vectors of plague, not even fleas on them, but rather it was human body lice that were the vectors. We saw that on a TV documentary last night. Apparently pigeons carry more diseases communicable to humans thats rats can. F is in the rare camp of actually enjoying seeing them in the wild (their own wild, not NZ where they threaten our bird life), and I, the Tigger, am ambivalent. They run, so I chase them, but I'd hate to catch one. They look streetwise. Xxx Mr T

    1. That is really interesting. I didn't know that about the plague.
      You do well, Tigger, to avoid wild rats - they can be quite vicious attacking a cat that has caught them (and, really, who can blame them?).

  3. My daughters had rats.. I never did get used to petting them. I do not know why because they were sweet. The chicken dish sounds interesting and something i might try.

    1. Like you, Rose, I also don't pet them - but I can appreciate their different personalities and they can be quite entertaining sometimes.

  4. Beautiful photos.

  5. What a beautiful header! Love it! The food looks just great too...
    Love from a sunny Sweden & Titti

  6. The rats do look cute. Not something I ever thought I'd write either 😄
    And really like the header. Wonderful rural scene

  7. Love the new Header.

    Cute potato chip nibblers...

    Yum to the recipe.


  8. Hi Margaret, I'm always looking for a new recipe that's quick & easy...I'll be making this tomorrow night! Thank you so much for sharing. I love the header of cows and the mist; so pretty. I have a "thing" for cows...maybe someday!

    1. I hope you do get your cows at some stage. We had a house cow once and she gave us more than enough creamy milk for all our needs (too much sometimes!).
      Also, thanks for the comment about the tins. That makes a lot of sense :)

  9. Great header. I like a nice herd of cows in a field....must be the country in me.

  10. The chicken sounds delicious.

  11. yum, so easy and looks so good. Hopefully your son will enjoy having his friend there.

  12. Such cutie pies - and I love your new banner.
    Here rather chicken breasts - Ingo always takes the legs - have a good time! Hugs.

  13. mmmm that chicken recipe sounds like it would be very tasty. I don't buy chicken legs very often, as there's only me here to feed. So I buy one large chicken breast and it lasts me 2 or 3 days, plus spuds and veg.


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