Friday, 20 May 2022

Lady Blanche Farm


I recently picked this book up in a thrift shop, for no greater reason than it looked like an older style novel.  For 50 cents, I had nothing to lose.

‘Lady Blanche Farm’ was first published in 1940, and my book was a 1953 reprint.

Having just finished reading it, I am glad I found it.  The story is basically a romance set in a small American town during the first World War, with the odd twist of an old family curse running through it.

Not everyone lives happily ever after, and the story has sad portions, but overall I found it an enthralling read.

The leaves of Autumn in suburban Hamilton

The author was Frances Parkinson Keyes, a prolific American author who is famed for the thorough research that preceded the writing of each of her books. 

Wikipedia states, “The meticulousness of her detailed accounts make her novels valuable tools for learning about a time long past and customs that have died away.”

It may be too “quaint” for a lot of modern readers, with its high moral standards and old-fashioned style, but it was a novel I enjoyed reading.

Think happy and be happy 😊




  1. I love stories to do with the past. And I really enjoy the lovely photos of nature that you post. You capture this country very well.

  2. Lovely photo of Hamilton in autumn.

  3. Look at those green spaces in your town. Like wow. We are green with envy!

  4. That sounds like a great read Margaret - the type I like. We also have had some great colour on our urban trees this year, but the weather this past 24 hours has meant that most of the leaves are no off the trees.

  5. I love reading books written many years ago. Well, I 'like' most of them. A different style . I used to read old books from the British Library here in Athens. I would presume they've updated their library now.
    Lovely Hamilton photo!

  6. Morality is now and always has been a moving standard, and thank goodness for that.

  7. Thst is one author I have not reason. I bet I would have liked this on the past.

  8. It sounds like an interesting read, Margaret. A glimpse of a more innocent time, at least on the surface!

  9. Sounds very interesting! I´m a slow reader but my last book I read in two days! Love your last words - to happiness, hugs!

  10. That's a pretty picture of autumn. Hard to imagine autumn now that we are well into spring and getting hotter...Just noticed it is 95 degrees F here this afternoon. That is a little too warm, but I'm not complaining. :) The book sounds interesting.

  11. Hmmm, I will kook this author up and see what books might be in our library! While technology is great, I still love the feeling of an book in my hands. Thanks for sharing, Mary

  12. It sounds delightful...

    Want to look for this author, perhaps in library. I hope they still have 'older' books.

    Gentle hugs,

  13. I enjoy old fashioned books. I checked our local library and there's not a single entry for Frances Parkinson Keyes. I find that disappointing. One more to add to me look-for-at-thrift stores list.

  14. I enjoy reading an olde worlde book from time to time, to be reminded of different times and old fashioned manners. Even the title sounds so romantically charming! Love your autumn photo.

  15. It is interesting to read old books. They tell the stories from how life and way of thinking was then. If we read books written today, with histories from old times, they will easily have an impression of how we look at that time seen from our way of thinking.


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