Monday, 16 May 2022

Reducing Carbon Emissions


Today the Government announced they were going to be spending $2.9 billion on an Emissions Reduction Plan to combat Climate Change. 

Perhaps I was being naïve or overly-optimistic, but I thought they were about to say they were going to do something really practical and helpful.  Instead, it seems most of the money will be going on various working groups to investigate how they can use either carrots or sticks on high-energy users like farming and the transport industry, to get them to reduce their carbon emissions.  A lot of this research has already been done overseas. 

What about spending $2.9 billion on something practical like establishing recycling centres for electronics and batteries, or creating more infrastructure to cope with the expected demand for electric vehicles, or maybe promoting more energy efficient housing, along with educating the public on how to reduce their environmental footprint, or even developing public transport so people don’t need to use their cars as much?

The stated hope is that by 2035 we will be less reliant on cars and will be travelling 20% less kilometres than we do now.  That is a great ideal, but is it practical? 

How much individual responsibility does the world expect us to shoulder?  I’m told that our current daily rate of carbon emission is equal to about one hour in China, so how much do we really need to do to be able to say we are doing our part?

Photo Credit:  New Zealand Embassy of Ireland

New Zealand is a reasonable sized country – our land mass is 10% greater than the United Kingdom – and yet our population is a tiny five million.  To put that into perspective, it is about the same as the population of Melbourne (Australia), a little more than half of the population of London (England), and a little less than half of the population of Los Angeles (United States of America).   

We don’t have enough people to support grandiose ideals and the re-invention of the wheel.  But we do have enough people who love their country and would be only too willing to make lifestyle adjustments if they were given a little incentive and some practical direction.

And now I will apologise and say, “Sorry.”  I normally try not to rant and rave on my blog, but I felt so disappointed this afternoon that I had to say something.

I must say, I feel better now that I have said my piece!

Margaret 😊



  1. What a load of 'green' inspired tripe....... I agree with you whole heartedly Margaret.

  2. Good for you. I agree with your thoughts on this issue. Here in the US I drive a hybrid car and have for many years. I do what I can but I don't see much headway toward helping the climate problem. In my county in North Carolina I have seen quite a few solar farms in operation and hope that helps. I can only post here as anonymous, but I can be found at

    1. Thankyou Glenda, I visited your webpage and could feel the emotion in your poem. Beautiful :)

  3. You've put it all very clearly. An interesting read.

  4. I have felt for years our governments are out of touch with the environment, and I do believe we can do so much ourselves, we do not have to live a perfect zero footprint life, we can through our own awareness reduce our little bit of life, and if enough do it, changes will happen.

  5. There is a great deal that each individual, each family can do and that should never be underestimated. And excuses should not be made for not doing it. Stopping the consumption of red meat is a very easy thing to do, just as one example.

    1. I agree David, but I don't think I can that easily stop being omniverous!

  6. I read something in our paper today, can't remember the exact words, but apparently Australia's carbon emissions are also quite low compared to the rest of the world. I know more needs to be done, but how about things such as you have suggested here and what about the emissions from China?

  7. We support every word of it. Rant more - people who spend our tax money need constant reminding that it doesn't grow on trees - and even trees won't grow if they simply chuck the money at consultants.

  8. I dare not even really say what I feel. I just wish the higher up people and all the ones pushing for all the laws lived like they believed what they try to force on us.

  9. You don´t have recycling centres for electronics and batteries. And I thought we live behind a rock.
    Also... you should think people know what to do. But then, I am naive, too...
    The "green" party guys here drive the biggest cars, or take a plane... We have MS Teams, Zoom and all, yet... so much for ranting and ending on a nice note: Sunny and warm here, nice colleagues! xxx

  10. FULLY AGREE!!!!!!

    What a total waste of tax payer's money!!!!!

    Here (US) the illogical *New Green Deal* liberals, are pushing for eliminating fossil fuels, before having enough replacement *Green energy*!!!!

    Any logical person knows, you do not throw out the old item (like an old sofa) before having a replacement sofa, in the home. Same idea...

    And CHINA'S and INDIA'S use of Fossil Fuels!!!!!!!!! Huge!!! Has Greta and her Crew, gone there, and protested??????? Hahhhhh!!!! They can't!!! But they scream at the Free World.

    YESSSSS, we need to do something!

    But we can't throw out fossil fuels, before having a fully functioning replacement.

    Annnnnnnnd, regular people can't afford the new electric cars!!!!!!!!! Tell the farmers, that they have to get electric tractors or something??????

    All of the Liberal Green People, live in the Land of "Wouldn't It Be Nice." The rest of us live in the "Real World."

    Love you my Dear!!! We truly think alike. So nice to have those, who understand.


    1. Every time I watch an Ad for an electric car I wonder how they intend to charge them all. Our electricity production is only just keeping up with consumption now and it appears likely we will soon be having power cuts. It seems to me that most politicians live in the Land of Wouldn't It Be Nice!
      Have a great day :)

  11. After reading your post I thought of a quote by Sharon Butala in her book The Perfection of the Morning:
    I have the impression....that no government had a clue what to do or that governments knew what to do, but refused for political reasons to do them.
    I know she was referring to a different problem but really, how often do governments actually implement practical, workable solutions?

    1. Great quote and so true. I often wonder what hidden agenda is behind some of the decisions that get made.

  12. Totally agree with you. It is like how they are going to spend money on the health system, but it is mostly for studies when they need to actually pay more doctors and nurses. Forget the NGOs and govt agencies.....the money needs to be spent on the front line workers.

  13. Hear, hear! Well said, Margaret. I'm no longer disappointed by anything this government says or does, my expectations are very low. I used to think my mother-in-law had delusions of grandeur. She'd be right at home with this lot. I'm fed up with aspirations and dreams.

    By the way, I love your new rural scene header. I might change mine to reflect my support for the rural sector.

  14. It's not often I say anything political but I agree with you, hospitals need upgrading big time and getting people to upgrade to climate friendly cars is a waste of time imho, especially when the batteries cannot be recycled.


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