Saturday, 14 May 2022

Guilty Confessions


I cooked a Rice Pudding this morning and thought I would take a photo, but it smelt so good I forgot.  One of the nicest parts of a rice pudding is the skin that forms on top – and I just had to eat it!

So, instead of a nice delicious looking rice pudding you get a photo of the stuff underneath. 

I also love hot cookies (we call them biscuits) straight from the oven, as they are so much nicer hot than when they cool down.  I have been known to “pick” at roast meat before it is carved and served up, and don’t forget cleaning out the bowl and licking the beaters after a baking session.

It must be Confession Time for me to tell you all this!  Do you do the same or are you able to resist these delectable temptations?

The rice pudding will still taste alright and we will have it with some fruit for dessert this evening, after our pork chop casserole with vegetables. 

Dinner will be on our knees again as we will be watching more Super Rugby games and cheering on our favourites.  It will be a great way to end a casual Saturday.

Have a happy weekend 😊




  1. Oh Margaret, you're too funny. I think we all have our little 'confessions'. I love sweets and can't resist cutting off a slice of cake, just a small one, mind you. But I'll be back in half an hour for another small slice. I can go through a hefty piece of whatever tempted me in no time at all.
    I'll bet that lovely crust on the top of the rice pudding was delicious.

  2. I am not to be trusted around baking bowls.... just saying..... and I love rice pudding!!!!

  3. Rice pudding never tempts me... but a hot roast, well, that's another thing altogether!!
    Hope you dinner is all that you hoped it will be

  4. I love rice pudding with the skin on, with lemon curd spooned on top.

  5. I love hot cookies, hit roasts, hot ham. And I can never fry bacon without eating a piece or two while frying the rest.

  6. Food is so much tastier when it is just out of the oven. I always 'even up edges' . Rice pudding baked in the oven is so creamy and delicious. Yum!

  7. I agree with all of the above, there's nothing more I can add! Isn't it funny how we all enjoy those little, sneaky bites? And Rose, bacon...everyone seems to come by and take a slice while I'm frying it! It's a wonder there's any left at serving time! Mary

  8. I like your little confession :) I agree indeed...
    Have a lovely Sunday & take care!

  9. -gigggles- True Confessions!!!!

    Please point me to your recipe for Rice Pudding. Never got a purrrrrfect one.

    Sooo much fun, to have something to watch and enjoy!!!!!!


    1. I will have to remember next time I make one (so I can take photos) to do a recipe post about it.


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