Thursday, 12 May 2022

A Couple Of Firsts


We have had our first frost this morning – a fairly light one but enough to make the grass turn white and the tops of our cars to sparkle in the rising sun.

As the temperature dropped last night we also lit the fire for the first time. 

This morning, after my washing is hung out, I am heading out to buy some groceries and fuel up my car.  I don’t like to let the fuel gauge go below halfway, so it is time to fill up with petrol again.

A friend of mine was moaning that it costs so much to fill the car now, but they run on almost empty before filling up.  It costs less to do it more often! 

Although I admit that I also don’t run around as much now as I perhaps used to.  I have a prescription to be picked up and have put off doing that until I had another reason to take the car out.

We have another frost forecast for tomorrow morning so it looks like late autumn is starting to turn into early winter.  I hope the cold kills off the pest-demic of paper wasps that we have had recently.

Keep smiling 😊




  1. Nippy here this morning as well but no frost.
    Been having fires for a while now. Not as tough as you further south.

  2. Fuel prices rising astronomically here in Canada as well. In fact, not only fuel, everything is more expensive now. I just spent over $100 on what used to be about $50 worth of groceries.

  3. First frost for you, first 20 C for us! Your fire looks so cozy!

  4. I'm the same, I always fill up when the dial is on half.

  5. I am dreading fulling my car - I only have a quarter tank left. I try to make a tank last a month, and generally I can when I am just in town - and the occasional trip to Rotorua.
    We had a good frost here also - and there is another one on the way by the feels of it!

  6. Oh, to be siting by a fire! That is o n.v e of my f as virtue things to do...but we had temp of 90°F yesterday.

  7. Beautiful pic of the fire.
    Early winter, ewww. Oh, yes, I am glad I don´t need a car no more! I like how you always find something positive, as the paper wasps being gone, soon :-)

  8. Your fire looks delightful.

    We don't let fuel get below half. Just wise.

    My topic today is...😮😯😮😯😮😯😮

  9. It sounds like cozy time has arrived for you. I love warm ( not hot) weather but there's something about sitting by the fire or just putting on a favourite cardigan that you haven't needed for months.
    I hope the frost deals with the wasps.


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