Monday 15 May 2023

The Elm Tree


It is about this time every year, in late autumn, that I always remember our Elm Tree.

It grew on a property we lived at for nearly five years, and every late autumn the tree would treat us to its bounty of golden leaves.

Sometimes I wonder if it is still growing, and if the people living there now appreciate its beauty like we did.

Sometimes I miss my little greenhouse too.

Today has been the usual sort of day.  Did the dishes, tidied the house, made the bed – all those little daily things you do automatically.

Then I made a visit to the supermarket for a few groceries before discovering one of the cats had brought up a hair ball on the sheepskin rug, so that had to be washed. 

I planted the sweet alyssum seedlings I bought, and removed some of the dead leaves from the silverbeet plants.

And I made an appointment to have a consultation with a hairdresser about my hair.  It would be around ten years since I last went to a hairdresser, so maybe it is time I updated my appearance a little!

Margaret 😊



  1. A stately Elm is one of nature's finest example of grace and beauty. I too hope that it remains standing.

  2. You’ll have lots of hair style choices, Margaret. It should be fun.

  3. Oaks, aspen and maples are my favorites in the fall when they are their peak color. Love that time of year!

  4. Heavens, 10 years. That's a long time. I hope you have a good consultation and are happy with the result

  5. Getting a haircut is so nice, I feel like a new person when I see my stylist, can't wait to see what you get done.

  6. I hope nothing has happened to your Elm tree.m It's a beauty!
    Good Luck at the hairdressers. GM

  7. Now that sounds like a very pleasant day with no major crisis - apart from having to wash the sheepskin!! Enjoy the time with the hairdresser, and don't be too shocked at the prices!!!

  8. After the Dutch elm disease decimated the elm trees around the world (the whole main street of Oamaru got cleared of a double row and other species planted for example), i have never seen enough mature elms to be sure I would even actually recognize one. Pretty autumn colour. Good luck on the hair consultation. Xxx F and Mr T

  9. Nice memories. Oh, Autumn always makes me sad, knowing the dark half of the year is coming...
    My hairdresser is just steps away. Ingo needs 2 minutes for my "haircut". My hair is too thin for anything...
    Have fun with yours! x


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