Friday 26 May 2023

A Lake and A Rocket


This morning was most dismal, with thick fog blanketing our world until nearly 1pm.  Then (yay!) it cleared away to a beautiful afternoon, albeit a bit cool but the sun was shining.

I made the most of it by visiting Hamilton's Lake for a while – lots of others had the same idea as myself and the boardwalk was quite busy.

This was the view looking across towards the rowing club, and you can still see the remnants of the fog bank on the horizon.

Back home, Son invited me to watch the live launch of Rocket Lab’s Electron satellite with him.  He owns shares in Rocket Lab so likes to keep in touch with what they are doing.

The unmanned rocket launched from Mahia Peninsular near Gisborne, on a beautiful afternoon (no fog down there!), and travelled 90km in a straight line upwards in 2½ minutes.

At 550km above the earth, the rocket/satellite settled down and began preparation for the next step – which I believe is joining up with another satellite already in orbit. 

Together they will be used to keep track of weather systems, particularly major storms.

Technology may have its downside (as does everything), but I think it is wonderful that rockets like this can be utilised to give up-to-date information that may help save the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people by giving adequate warning of disastrous weather.

Our sun is fading here for the day and the temperature is dropping.  No major storms on our horizon, just more fog!!

Have a great weekend everyone 😊




  1. Rocket Lab would be a great company in which to have shares, Margaret. They are such an exciting young company. Lucky you, getting to watch that launch. Beautiful photo of the lake!

  2. That's a beautiful view across the lake.

  3. Ohh yuck - fog - we had a frost and then a clear day, but it was cool!!! The lake looks wonderful, and a much prettier walk than the one I did to town and back this afternoon :) .
    What a great thing to watch - I have friends who's son is newly employed by Rocket Lab.

  4. The lake looks stunning. The rocket launch sounds like it was successful, and sounds like a good venture to be invested in.

  5. I forget how many satellites there are up there right now, but the number is staggering, and now they are joined by another one. They run the world!

  6. Just think of all the technology changes we have seen in our lifetime. Do you think future generations will see equal advances or has it somewhat plateaued?

    1. My grandmother thought everything had been invented when we got cars and televisions and fridges, so I presume technology will keep on keeping on - if we don't all blow ourselves up first!!

  7. Soectaculfirst photo, Margaret! “My blue heaven”…a keeper photo!

  8. Foggy mornings followed by pleasant afternoons are one of the joys of early Autumn.
    Interesting about the unmanned rocket. GM

  9. We were blanketed in Wellington too. Today it's been bucketing down - the little one needed a bath to warm up after her football, and fortunately they cancelled the older grades before the parents all went down with phew-monia! Winter is upon us, darn it!

  10. I love and miss fog. Yay to a great project!!! You must be "awfully" proud of your son :-) x


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