Monday 8 May 2023

The Crowning of a King


Here we are again, another Monday and the end of another weekend.  The big highlight this time was Saturday night when Son and I settled down to watch the coronation of Their Majesties, King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Lady Susan decided to join us and even wore her tiara to celebrate the occasion.

Being a lover of pageantry I enjoyed the whole show, but what I found most moving was the solemn and sacred central part of the church service, when Charles was consecrated before Almighty God as a King.

It made me realise how much the monarchy and the Christian religion are a part of my cultural history.  Both have been impacting the lives of my ancestors for over a thousand years.

The very fabric of my life has its roots in monarchy and religion – our form of government, our language, the basis of our society’s law and order.

These things are way above the pettiness of everyday life, for no nation can survive without a basis of some kind to regulate how it operates.

I may not always agree with how the monarchy operates or the impact that the Christian religion can have in our lives, but my own ancestral heritage is rooted in both of these institutions.

I am glad for that.  It gives me a sense of belonging to know that the fabric of my life today has roots that stretch back into the dim annals of history.

Long live King Charles III.  May Almighty God bless him with a long and peaceful reign.

Margaret 😊



  1. Except Camilla isn't the Queen, she's Queen Consort, I'm not sure of the difference. We didn't watch it, I went to bed.

    1. I believe now she is crowned she actually is Queen not Queen Consort, although the two roles are almost identical.

  2. The monarchy is part of my history too though I don’t feel the way you do about it, which is fine. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I was in awe of the whole package - the precision and planning required to have the parade down the Mall, the managing of all those guests in the Abbey; all in all an extraordinary display. And, yes, it is my heritage too, and although I don't swallow the entire package, it is always there, lurking, in my mind.

    And I'd hate to see us become a Republic, for the squabbling and anger that choosing a Head of State would be beyond bearing!

  4. I agree, it was a wonderful ceremony.

  5. I watched the Coronation and very much enjoyed it. Several times, I must admit, I was moved to tears.
    Granny Marigold

  6. Camilla is now Queen along side King Charles 3rd, I loved all the procession, the military colours were wonderful. We do do history well here in UK.

  7. It certainly was a spectacular event. All so perfectly planned and so historic.

  8. We do not all embrace things just because they are part of our ancestry. If that were accepted logic Germans would embrace Nazism, the Spanish the Inquisition, the Australians rank discrimination against Aborigines, even rejecting them as people, Canadians the obscene residential school system and the awful lies and treaty-breaking with Indigenous peoples - and on it goes. I am glad that Britain is happy with its new king who was already having an affair with Camilla while he was married to Diana, and in fact wanted to live in Camilla's trousers, and then there is Randy Andy having sex with underage girls, multiple divorces amongst the royals, disgusting inherited wealth and privilege. We haven't even got to the atrocities committed in the name of the Church of England, going all the way back to Henry VIII. Yep, great role models! A pox on both of them, I say.

  9. I think Lady Susan might be in my nightmares tonight! I missed the coronation, the only one I will probably see in my lifetime.

  10. It´s still in the German news today!!! You would love it :-) x

  11. I watched the highlights. several times over on BBC. I love the pomp and pagentry and love the snippets of gossip given by the presenters. I'm glad for them that it all went without a hitch.

  12. I love the handing down of traditions, and you're so's a part of our family history through the ages. Something you and I both come across as we work on and sort through our genealogy. I always enjoy watching history in the making. Hope it's a good week and all's going well, Mary


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