Friday, 16 September 2022

Rugby and Potatoes


I do like to watch a good rugby game, so sat up last night to watch the All Blacks play the Australian Wallabies in Melbourne (with the time difference, it never ended here until midnight).

I’m not sure I would call it a good game though.  There were several yellow cards for misdemeanours and a handful of injuries on both teams.

Then the game ended on a controversial note when the referee penalised the Wallabies for wasting time (he had previously warned them) and the All Blacks managed to use the situation to gain the winning try-score.

Notwithstanding being a little tired, I have still had a productive day today.  At the Hardware Store I purchased more potting mix and some seedlings, then drove across town to have morning tea with some relations, before coming home again and doing some work in the garden.

A few months ago, I purchased a small bag of gourmet potatoes at the supermarket because they contained some purple spuds – I have been trying to find purple spuds (often called Maori Potatoes) for a while now but they are hard to come by.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I forgot about the bag and when I “discovered” it again all the potatoes had sprouted. 

I have now taken the purple ones and planted them into a large pot, and with a little luck we may just get some potatoes off them.

I have not grown potatoes in a container before, and my intention is to cover them with potting mix in stages as they grow larger.

I heard the first shining cuckoo of the season this afternoon, so spring has definitely arrived.

Every day is a good day if you want it to be 😊




  1. Do hope you get lots of potatoes - I've never tried purple or blue. They are only available here as seed potatoes at one of the special Potato Day Events organised by gardening/organic groups.

    I love a good rugby game, we have just heard here of the death at age 65 of one of our best known Rugby TV commentators - it will never sound the same again.

    I love your last sentence ........very true. It would be a good sign off for every day

  2. Good luck with the purple potatoes. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Our weather has gotten cold, a sure sign of autumn. Sigh. I’d prefer your sign of spring, Margaret. Good luck with the spuds!

  4. Good luck with the spuds. I have tried (eating0 a variety of purple ones in UK (they looked a bit like our yams for shape and size) but their texture was weird, kind of like a rubbery cheese. I hope yours are better

    1. Rubbery potatoes sound revolting! I hope these are better too :)

  5. We don't have sky tv here so I have to watch rugby games delayed on prime, I did see most of the rugby game but missed the ending when there was apparently a controversial tackle.

  6. I hope your purple potatoes do well. I should think that the sprouts would give them a head start even.

  7. I am sure you will get some potatoes:)

  8. It's so weird to hear you talk about spring and planting while we are harvesting here.

    Do you know where the cuckoo's migrate to in the winter?

    1. I had to look that one up :)
      Apparently they go mostly to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands - you learn something new every day!

  9. good luck with the potatoes. i once tried to grow some in a bucket but none of them came to fruition sadly :(

  10. I hope for American Football games on TV.
    Sad it´s no fun no more to go to the games for real, huh.

    Oh, Ingo just threw away a bag of sprouting potatoes I found in the chamber.
    But then, we don´t have a garden and the cold half of the year is on the way...
    Good luck with yours!!

    Thank you for your reminder. So far this was a good day.
    I hope you don´t mind I pick up on that?


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