Wednesday, 7 September 2022

A Tranquil Spot


For my excursion out of the city this month I returned to Little Waipa Reserve on Lake Karapiro, a place I haven’t visited for some years.

The peace and calm while sitting in the sunshine watching the water flow by was so soothing and relaxing.  There were black swans and shags on the river, and I could hear a kingfisher calling on the opposite bank.  Perfect!

A lot of introduced aquatic weed is now growing in some of the quieter areas (like the far edge of this nearby river tributary), and there are signs up asking boaties to please clean their boats well to help stop the spread of some of these insidious weeds.

Freedom camping is allowed on the Reserve, and there is even a toilet and shower block available.

Part of the 103km long Waikato River Cycle Trail passes through here, and, looking at the map, some parts look like they would make for a challenging ride.

The road back home led past a house we lived in many years ago.  What a disappointment to see it now – some crazy person has gone through, fairly recently, and pollarded every single one of all the beautiful mature trees.  I doubt many of them will survive such wonton destruction, and it almost made me cry to see them.

Margaret 😊



  1. What a beautiful place but how sad about the trees at your old home

  2. What a shame that people still people continue to damage trees. You would think that their sheer beauty would inhibit this, and their value for shade and cleaning the air would cause them to be celebrated, but if we can decimate Amazon rainforests with impunity nothing is beyond the axe.

  3. It has to be hard to see the trees destroyed on a property you owned. The reserve looks beautiful!

  4. What a nice place and like back in the day... free camping and even toilets!
    Sad about that former home of yours.
    Hope the trip was a hit anyways! 😘

  5. Oh, that looks like such a peaceful place to be...I would enjoy being there.

  6. Never visited Karapiro even in my rowing days, which is a shame because it looks absolutely beautiful.

  7. Sad that this had to put a damper on a lovely trip....

    🍁🍁🍁 🍁🍁🍁 🍁🍁🍁

  8. That is a wonderful spot Margaret - I know it :). So sad to hear the trees have been savaged

  9. What a beautiful spot. I am sorry to hear about the trees on your old property that sounds very hard to witness.


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