Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Comfort Food


Comfort Food has been described as a food that makes you feel wrapped up in a warm loving blanket.  It is something that makes you feel warm and cosy inside, nourished and protected, and is almost an escape from the humdrum of present life.

Typically, comfort food has a high sugar and/or carbohydrate content, and is often associated with childhood or home cooking.  Because it is not usually regarded as “healthy” there is also the added bonus of guilty enjoyment when eating it!

I have a couple of comfort foods that I like to indulge in occasionally.  They are all reminiscent of my childhood – those long-ago days when ideas of healthiness never tainted the food I ate.

High on my list is Macaroni Cheese (a dish that makes my own children shudder), followed by fresh bread with butter and Vegemite (a yeast spread), grilled cheese on toast, fresh sliced peaches sprinkled with white sugar, and good old bread and milk.

BREAD AND MILK was something my mother gave us when she had four hungry children and not much in the cupboard.  It is not something I have very often, but when I do I still feel the warmth of her love and the joy of a satisfied belly.

I know there are different ways of making bread and milk, but I make it like my mother did (although I use bottled milk and not fresh farm milk like she had access to):

Cut the crusts of thick slices of bread and then cut the bread into large cubes.

Place bread into a deep bowl and pour over boiling milk (it has to be boiling) before sprinkling with brown sugar.

Allow it to cool a little, before finding a secluded spot to settle down and enjoy it.

What kind of comfort foods to you like to occasionally indulge in?

Margaret 😊




  1. Fresh bread and butter is certainly a big favourite for me. I have quite a love of sweets so a cup of tea or coffee with a homemade cookie or piece of cake pleases me and I indulge in this little pleasure almost every day. I'm up at 6 so by mid morning I'm definitely ready for my 'treat'.

  2. To tell you the truth, I can't think of one! We have coffee mid morning with a homemade muffin or a piece of apple cake, but that has only happened since I knew Miriam. My childhood was far from the proverbial "pice of cake" and family meals were not a big part of it.

  3. Mac and cheese is one of our favourites and stew with a pastry on top. Just like Mom used to make! Your bread and milk sounds something like our bread pudding which was baked in the oven! Yummy with the crusty bits on top.

  4. At times we just need this food!!!
    Well, maybe no Vegemite ;-)
    Reckon you have to grow up with it or you won´t like it. I tried several times.

    Your Bread and Milk is a bit like our "poor knights"!
    My Grandma used old breadrolls, halfed them, made them soft in milk, then into the pan and later put on sugar and cinnamon.
    I still have her table - with a burn-mark cause my little brother distracted her and she put the hot pan on the table.

    To memories - and comfort food, hugs!

  5. I've never heard of milk and bread before but the Mac & Cheese sounds good!

  6. I'd have to say a favorite comfort food would be mashed potatoes (I make mine with sour cream and cream cheese) or homemade chicken and noodles. And homemade bread warm with butter...oh my, love them all although not low-calorie! But then, sometimes, it just doesn't matter! Mary

  7. yep Vegemite on toast with lots of butter. Homemade pea and ham soup. Roast potatoes and a cheesy cauliflower gratin.

  8. Mum use to make Bread & Butter Pudding - baked with Cinnanim on top- delicious. Yes- Vegimite is great -I like it smothered onto lashings of butter on fresh soft bread- just great.

    1. That is exactly how I enjoy my Vegemite! We would make good company for each other for a midnight feast :)

  9. Childhood food... lovely.
    I'm now at oatmeal boiled over in a little water, some salt and a piece of butter in the middle... my breakfast.
    I also like rice pudding, but then with some brown sugar and a touch of cinnamon , Lunch :-)))
    Greetings to you and enjoy :-) YES.

  10. I love mac n cheese...a bug pit if hamburger vegetable soup is a favorite of mine. Or a pot of ham and navy beans.


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