Sunday, 25 September 2022

Farewell Roger Federer


Roger Federer would have to be classed as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, tennis player that the world has ever seen.

I managed to see the final couple of hours of his last match, playing in the Laver Cup with partner Rafael Nadal against Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe.

It was a great game, with Sock and Tiafoe winning at the very last minute, but all that became irrelevant as the tributes (and tears) flowed in remembrance of all Roger’s successes and the wish that he will have a happy retirement.

Last night it was back to rugby again, with the All Blacks successfully winning against the Australian Wallabies at Mt Eden Stadium in Auckland.  It was a much cleaner game than the last one, without all the yellow cards and injuries that that game had seen.

It was a different story with the South African vs Argentina rugby game that we watched a replay of this morning.  There were yellow cards in abundance (thankfully no major injuries), with Argentina spending most of the game with someone sitting in the Sin Bin.

South Africa won, but by too small a margin to prevent the All Blacks winning the National Championship.

There is a break in rugby now, for around a month I believe, before the next competition begins.

Saturday night will have to revert to being Movie Night for a few weeks!

Have a sunny day 😊




  1. Roger was definitely one of the greats and will be missed on the court.

    1. Yes, Roger was a great example of sportsmanship and dignity♥ Thanks for all those great wins, Roger. Best of luck with the next chapter in your life, no matter what it may be.

  2. Wish I liked sports as you do, Margaret. It is a great pass time!

  3. I don't follow many sports...Hockey in the winter is about it. I do know that Savannah Guthrie really liked Roger!

  4. Yeah, I grew up watching Federer's graceful backhand winners. Pity he lost the double, but his legend lives on

  5. I was still with (extended) family and saw the farewell to Federer and the rugby - it was a good game!

  6. It sounds like you have a great time watching sports! Enjoy movies while you waiting for the sports to start again :)

  7. We have seen some great tributes to Federer on Greek tv. Lived when he played with Nadal. Magical tennis, marvellous sportsmanship.
    Go All Blacks!

  8. It is fun to have sports to watch that you love...the only thing I love right now is horse abd it is not on often.


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