Sunday, 11 September 2022

Daily Life Continues


History is like life.  It is never constant, always changing, and we have just witnessed a major change as one monarch passes and another takes the throne.

As with all historic events though, our daily life continues on.  We watch ceremonies broadcast live on television and read news reports to keep up to date, but all the while we continue on with our normal lives.

I found these lovely Spanish Bluebells growing almost wild on the lawn beneath a tree in a friend’s garden.

Son has a few things stored in a friend’s shed in Auckland, and he made a trip up there during the week and brought back my old coffee table.

It was given to me by my mother-in-law around 1985 and it was one of the items I found myself unable to dispose of when we moved into the caravan to live in 2008.

Son has had it in storage ever since then.  For all that, it is still in remarkably good condition although the top looks like it may need to be redone at some stage.

This is what it used to look like:

Wishing everyone a happy weekend,

Margaret 😊



  1. I am happy that you have ben reunited with your coffee table.

  2. That's a very lovely table and well worth refinishing if you find it's necessary.
    I brought one clump of those Spanish Bluebells home from one of the places my daughter lived. Years later I have clumps all over the garden because they spread!! Somewhere along the line white ones appeared too. They're quite pretty and ask for nothing in the way of care.

  3. Guten Morgen liebe Margarete,
    irgendwie habe ich deinen Blog aus den Augen verloren.
    Nun plötzlich wieder entdeckt und gleich abgespeichert.
    Für solche "alten " Dinge habe ich eine Schwäche und du hast ihn schön in Szene gesetzt.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Yes, we continue our lives just like that.
    They said on TV more and more Ukrainians come to Germany - I see none.
    I know it´s getting cold, but we just go on with our business, as Putin does.
    And this date, September 11th, still makes me sad, mad, whatever - so...
    nice to see your Bluebells!

    Beautiful table! We sit at my late Granma´s old kitchen table every day - typical 50´s style.
    With marks (burnt cause my baby-brother interrupted Grandma etc).

    To a happy weekend - rain is predicted, yippeeee!

  5. What a pretty table! Yes it is sad about the Queen but she lived a good long life!

  6. Such a lovely table! So nice that you could get it after so many years.

  7. Daily life does indeed continue, the ebb and flow carries on. We are part of history.

    We have Spanish bluebells around here sadly they are rather taking over the native ones which are much prettier.

    Your coffee table looks lovely, I am glad to hear it has survived its stay in storage.

  8. What a lovely table. I like the pot on it as well.

  9. Such a beautiful table. We have a small round one which belonged to my husband’s grandmother. I am quite fond of it.

  10. I would've kept the coffee table too, it's stunning. The circle of life goes on.


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