Friday, 1 January 2021

Welcome to 2021


You have permission to think me a Very Boring Person!  I went to sleep in 2020 and woke up in 2021 – the new year arrived without any help from me whatsoever.  And, in fact, today feels very much like it did yesterday.

The highlight of 2020, for me, was our October Road Trip
(this is Castlepoint Lighthouse)

The weather starting off this new year could be described as “cloudy” although the sun keeps shining through and the temperatures are humid.  I believe we have a thunderstorm watch for the next three days so that would explain the humidity.

There was a pheasant calling when I woke this morning, and then I was able to spend time watching a hawk soaring on the thermals over the river.  They look like they enjoy doing this, and it always gives me a warm fuzzy to watch them.

Son worked all night (he works from home) and is now sound asleep.  The neighbourhood is quiet and still.  My household chores are all completed, so  I think I may go and watch a movie! 

Sitting on the coffee table is the complete set of The Hobbit movies.  I’ve always meant to watch them but haven’t got round to it yet – and if they are too scary, I will have to put them away again!!

May 2021 bring you much happiness and good health.  

Stay safe and keep smiling 😊



  1. Don't worry, Margaret, you have plenty of company in the Very Boring Person camp. I intended to stay awake, really I did, but I dozed off in my chair to the sound of happy, laughing voices in the neighbourhood, I think (I hope) I had a smile on my face. All was silent when I woke in 2021. Even the party people are quiet after midnight around here. Happy New Year!

  2. By those standards, Margaret, I have been a very boring person for many a year. And Miriam too!

  3. Happy New Year to you. I cannot remember the last time I saw the year in. Mind you, if I celebrate, it tends to be the night before.

  4. We are not yet into the new year, but I am probably more boring than you. I keep forgetting it is New Year's eve. LOL Anyway, Happy New Year...I hope the coming year holds good things for you.

  5. Happy New Year. Health and happiness to you and yours. What a great way to start the day. We have hawks and pheasants around us too and enjoy watching the hawks on the air currents
    All the best

  6. Enjoy those movies - if they get scary just concentrate on looking for bits of countryside you might recognize. They aren't scary they are fun - they look like the actors enjoyed making them. I met one of the actors years ago and was told that some kiwi army boys were drafted in the be trolls but took to the battle scenes so enthusiastically they had a habit of breaking props. That makes me chuckle every time I watch them - that and little snips of pure Kiwi humour; go looking for those. They had me laughing out loud in the Copenhagen theatre where I first saw the second film, much to the puzzlement of Danes who really didn't get it - either in English or in translation. Reading the Danish subtitles as it played revealed that they weren't getting anything like the full story let alone nuanced humour if they were relying on those. Best wishes for 2021. Tigger sends purrings to Mittens.

    1. What with one thing and another, I didn't get to watch it - but I should. I laughed all through the LOR movies so it sounds like I should enjoy these too.
      Mittens purrs back :)

  7. I did see the New Year in, but involuntarily, thanks to a local party with an annoying bass, and then fireworks - about 20 minutes of them... otherwise I would also have been sleeping!
    We have had some scorching days here - 28, and today 27, but as of tomorrow evening we are on a heavy rain warning and thunderstorm watch....
    Stay safe

  8. Lovely to think of you enjoying summer in your corner. A white frost here this morning. Happy new year. B x

  9. Count me in!!!!
    There was some fireworks annyoing me, but, pffft.
    Thunderstorms are wonderful to me, if no damage - hope for you to enjoy.
    To safety, SMILES and... HEALTH! To a happier 2021! xx

  10. I went to sleep early on New year's Eve too.
    I wish you all the best in 2021, a very happy and healthy New Year!

  11. Have fun with the Hobbit films, I like them a lot. Nice relaxation. I also watch a lot of fairy tale films over Christmas / New Year ... simply terrific and relaxing for the soul.
    Greetings to you. Have a good, healthy and happy new year. Viola

  12. I enjoy bringing in the New Year as you did, Margaret! May it be a better one for all!

  13. It was one of those nights when sleep evades so I suppose I could say I saw the new year in. I finished putting away all traces of Christmas this morning and am hoping that youngest son drops by this afternoon to play cards or Scrabble.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year.

    1. I haven't played Scrabble for years. Used to enjoy having a game with my grandmother.

  14. I went to bed a little before midnight and woke up in 2021 too. There wasn't much on TV to keep me interested. But before I went to bed, I opened the front door and let the old year out and let the new year in.

  15. Not boring! The New Year always come in, with or without our being awake to see it! -grin-

    And nothing actually changes, except we have to remember to write a new year number, on checks.

    And if parts of the films, are scary, just fast-forward through them!!!!!!! -smile-

    Delightful Winter Wishes

  16. What a wonderful road trip. I love that photo of the lighthouse. Happy New Year!

  17. I guess that makes me a boring person too! Love that lighthouse! Lovely.


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