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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Around Home

It is hot here again this afternoon, but thankfully inside the house is still reasonably comfortable.  We have near-cloudless blue skies and a slight breeze, and the cicadas are in full force with their discordant song.

Early morning was calm and clear, and we had yet another hot air balloon pass over the house.  I photographed it using my phone, so it appears to be further away than it actually was.

This morning was housework again – all the rooms tidied, floors vacuumed, dishwasher put on, laundry folded and put away, all those little things that join up together and keep the home running well.

Apart from the cicadas, we have a lot of noise around us today.  There is machinery working in the distance on the new road that is being made, there are builders next door working on our neighbour’s porch roof, and now I can hear what sounds like a concrete mixer although I cannot exactly pinpoint where it is.

Son has been making noise as well, and has made a new woodpile for our winter store of wood.  This will only be a temporary home, until a proper wood shed can be built (although that may be a job for next year!).

I have been ummming and aaarhing over whether to establish a vegetable garden or not.  We now have three flower gardens and several container plants but no designated vegetable garden.  The containers are easy to care for and the flower beds will be packed with plants to reduce weeding, but I’m not sure if I would have the time and energy to keep up with a vegetable garden.

Anyway, son has agreed to give me an area of land for a twelve months trial to see how I go with it.  If it works, well and good.  If it doesn’t, then it will be fairly easy to return the area to lawn again.

This wall will be along one edge of my new garden

I have always had a vegetable garden, and I miss having fresh herbs and cut-and-come-again vegetables to harvest when wanted.

My garden in 2006 - the shelter on the right was used as a potting shed

There is something deeply satisfying about eating your own produce and being able to put excess down into storage.  Not that I will be growing enough here to have an excess!

Enjoy your day,


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  1. I feel the same way about being able to raise some fresh herbs and veggies although because we have shade part of the day in one area of the back and the entire afternoon in the other, it is hard to grow a lot. I love growing my own greens as well as green onions ( both for salad) and greens for my rabbit ( who loves Cilantro and Parsley. Both grow well here. I keep trying beans and get a reasonable crop all considered.
    I hope you'll have success with your garden. The soil looks nice and loose in the raised bed.

  2. I wish you luck with your new veggie garden. A lot of hard work ahead but the results will be worth the effort.

  3. If you find veg too much work, grow fruit, which tends to look after itself. I grow all mine in big pots, so the soil conditions are perfect of each item. Plus in my small garden they do not take up much ground space as everything grows up.

  4. We grow some of our own veg. We don't grow a lot and have half a dozen easy to manage beds and a small greenhouse. We're looking forward to some warm weather, but at the moment there's a bitter north wind blowing through. Best, Jane x

  5. Hello, neat sighting of the hot air balloon. Good luck on your garden, I am looking forward to spring flowers and some fresh herbs. Wishing you a happy day!

  6. Would you ever go in a hot air balloon? They look so lovely but also so fragile to me


  7. I have had vegetable gardens in the past and have always enjoyed them and the yield was at times quite phenomenal. As you point out, however, it does not come without a lot of work, and I think that those days are dine for me.

  8. I thoroughly enjoy my vegetable patch. Knowing what goes into the food we eat is great and so tasty compared to what is purchased. But you know all of this. Good luck with it!

  9. I've always grown things to eat and would be lost without my veg garden. Gradually getting smaller as I get older but still worth it. Have fun with your patch

  10. You wouldn't get me up in a hot air balloon, too scared of heights.

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  12. (I think I corrected my link...going to post this and delete the other one where the link does not work.

    Oh, you are so right about a has been since before Roger's stroke since I had anything. Actually a year or two before his stroke in 2016. The last time I had tomatoes they were horrible...I have no idea why. You can see them here. While over half looked like these, even the ones that were pretty on the outside were ugly on the inside. I had 20 plants and only ate one whole tomato...they were flavorless. And I have grown tomatoes all my life.

    Anyway, I am hoping I can plant 4 plants or so this year because there is nothing like going out and picking your own tomatoes to eat. And I like having bell peppers, too.

    So will be watching to see what you do, and maybe I will get in gear and do something once again.

    1. My goodness Rose, those tomatoes looked disgusting. I'm picking they had some disease or perhaps had been exposed to spray from something. Hopefully this year will be a good crop.


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