Thursday 16 July 2020

Summer Memories

Our ears always popped when we drove over the Kaimai Ranges, a low mountain range that separates the Waikato region from the Bay of Plenty, and Mother would give us Minties (a chewy sweet) to stop us complaining about our discomfort.

Hidden away, near the top of the Range, can be found the Ngamuwahine Reserve.

It is accessed by a narrow winding dry dusty gravel road that leads from the main highway into the bush.

Some people like to freedom camp here.

We visited for a quiet picnic lunch on a hot summer’s day.

The river water was cool and refreshing, burbling on its way over the rocks and forming deep pools in the shadows beneath the fern covered banks.

Yesterday we had rain all day (I disappeared into a book – Pawn Of Prophecy by David Eddings) and today the weather is not much better.  That is what makes it so pleasant to remember summer in the middle of winter J

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  1. I could sure use a picnic along there...I loved the views you showed.

  2. Such beautiful countryside. What a great place for camping and a picnic.

  3. That area looks like a fine place to go for a picnic. There are even tables provided, close to the water. A lovely summer memory on a wet winter day.

  4. I have never noticed that side road - I must keep an eye out for it next time I head that way - it looks a wonderful spot!
    Stay safe

  5. I love to look back on my blog on cold wet days, each year I publish my post into a home made books, our grandsons love I have books with their photo's in.

  6. I'm glad you visited the reserve, we were there about 3 years go, it's a nice quiet spot.

  7. The times I have driven over and through The Kaimais - sigh!

  8. Lovely to see your beautiful countryside. Hope the weather improves for you soon. B x

  9. Beautiful. Waking up memories. Thank you.

  10. Hello,
    Lovely images from the preserve. It looks like a pretty spot for a picnic. Take care and stay safe! Enjoy your day!

  11. This looks like a very beautiful area to visit, a real haven from the constant scurrying of urban life. I hope the campers and other visitors respect its beauty and don't leave trash and litter when they leave.

  12. That is a beautiful place! Hard to imagine it being winter over there when it is so hot and dry here. :) I was talking with my daughter (on the phone) about the shape our country, and other places too, are in, and I commented that I wanted to go to New Zealand. She said, Oh mom, that's where I want to go! Wish we could.

  13. A wonderful memory! I love 'off the beaten track' places like this, too. It's so gorgeous, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Your support for 'My Corner of the World' is much appreciated! Thanks for your link this week.

  14. This is absolutely lovely! If I were able to afford travel, I always thought I would like to visit New Zealand!


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