Friday 3 July 2020

Enjoying Winter Sunshine

I decided yesterday I needed a day out of the house, and the weather forecast was for sunny after the frost we had, so I packed a picnic lunch (rare beef sandwich with mustard, a muesli bar, and a couple of mandarins) and set off for Raglan.

My first stop was at an overlook where four carved statues have been set up, each representing a compass point and its accompanying meanings.  This one was of East and represented the element Air.

Ngarunui Beach is a black sand beach but has no direct public car-access and I never felt like walking back UP the hill (even though I know there are seats on the way, especially for puff-puff people like myself).

So I sat at a picnic table and enjoyed the sea view, until the strong winds forced me back into the car to enjoy my picnic.

Recently I came across an old SLR Olympus camera that I used to use before my little Sony (which I have owned for ten years!).  The battery charged up and I took several superb close-up photos of the birds I saw – well, they must have been superb but I will never know.  When I came to download them I discovered there was no card in the camera.  Duh!

So the only bird photo I got was with my Sony, and that was this Mynah that I saw on my stroll around the estuary.

I made a quick visit to the wharf area before heading over the hill and back home, a drive of about 45 minutes. 

We had another good frost this morning – that should see the end of bugs for a while – and the day is shaping up to be another cold sunny one.

Time to get some laundry washed and hung out on the line J



  1. I like that statue...and what a view on past it! I think you live in a beautiful country.

  2. Too bad you didn't have a card in your camera. I'm sure those close-up photos would have been great. At least you got a pic of the Mynah bird.
    I hope you got that laundry done and hung on the line.

    1. I did, and now it is finishing airing in front of the fire. I don't mind the morning frosts when we have such a lovely day afterwards.

  3. Lovely trip out, I do miss little trips with hubby, we can go out, but we have decided to stay away from tourist spots as they get so crowded.

  4. Hello,

    A picnic at the beach sounds wonderful. I love the view of the statues, they are cool looking!
    The beach is beautiful. Great shot of the Mynah bird. Take care, Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I hope you go back again with a memory card in the camera and take the pictures again. I would love to see what you saw there. As for what you consider cold I would be curious. About three winters ago, maybe four, we set set a record here for the coldest overnight temperature, when it plummeted to minus 34. That is obviously exceptional but routinely we have weeks on end when the daytime high stays well below zero.

    1. We are rather a soft lot here, David LOL. When the frosts hit at around 2 degrees (Celsius) (air temperature) we all start to shiver. I have been in minus 10 degrees at Utah's Bryce Canyon and it didn't feel nearly as cold. I think it has something to do with current humidity (our humidity here seldom falls below 80%, even in summer), and damp cold seems to seep into the bones more. I cannot imagine how cold minus 34 would be.

  6. The black sand beach is intriguing!

  7. Love that trip out to Raglan, trouble is it is nearer two hours from here - your photos are fabulous.. We got down to -3.7 oC that day... but with the sun afterwards it's more bearable
    Stay safe

  8. We just loved Raglan. Great to be able to have it as a day trip. Pity about the memory card.

  9. It's always interesting to see places I have not been to. Raglan and its surrounds are one such area. Thanks.

  10. It is nice to have a trip out.
    Great photographs.

    All the best Jan

  11. What a shame about the card in the camera - did that myself in the days of film - took a whole roll of 48 on my first ever trip to Cyprus and sea voyage on a tanker, only to find I hadn't connected the film properly and it hadn't wound on. We are sure your bird photos would have won wild-life photo prizes. Shame...


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