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Sunday, 26 July 2020

Checking On My Garden

We woke to thick fog this morning but it had cleared by lunchtime, although it remained cloudy with sun peeping through at odd times.

I thought it was about time that I checked on my little garden and was quite pleasantly surprised.

The peas have finally begun to flower.

There were bees buzzing around the rosemary, tatty though the plant is.

The mizuna (similar to lettuce) I planted a few months ago has gone to flower, but the bees are loving it so it can remain in the garden a bit longer.

Probably my biggest surprise was this cabbage.  It is about the size of a baseball and is a second-cropper.  The first head was harvested about six or more weeks ago but I left the stump behind to see if it would produce more, and this is the result.

My daughter sent me a photo of the Grand Canyon, where she has just spent a few days camping.  I thought it was so atmospherically beautiful that I wanted to share it.

I hope everyone is having a great day J



  1. That's a beautiful photo of the Grand Canyon! I went there many years ago and it was stunning. Not sure I'd like to camp there though... snakes and spiders :)

  2. Love the garden round up. Our late peas are just starting to flower. Grand Canyon picture is superb. Sue UK

  3. Wow! Talk about a long growing season! The second cabbage out of the stump is quite something!

  4. Hello, your plants are all looking great, I have not seen my rosemary with flowers. Beautiful capture of the Grand Canyon! Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  5. I am not sure what is the nicer picture, the cabbage or the Grand Canyon. I would rather live where the cabbage does that in Arizona I can tell you.

  6. Thats an amazi ng garden for July. I compare it to my January garden in southern England and can't believe how much you have flowering - and bees! Ours would still have been cloistered away living on the contents of last summer's larder. My mid-winter garden in Dunedin would hzve been the same as uk - in stasis. Sunny north aye!

  7. That cabbage looks so tasty...I wonder how big it will get. Loved seeing your garden.

  8. I had seen many programs on tv and pictures of the Grand Canyon over the years and thought it was amazing. It wasn't until we went there that we could actually appreciate the magnificence of this breath taking natural wonder of the world!!

  9. Imagine a second head of cabbage growing! I've never heard of that happening.
    Your Rosemary has the loveliest blooms! It must be very happy where you've put it.
    I'm so glad we took a trip to see the Grand Canyon as well as Bryce and Zion in 2007. It was amazing.

  10. That is interesting about the cabbage. I should have left the stumps of mine. Will try that with the remaining ones.

  11. Loving your photos Margaret - you have a great eye for composition and presentation.
    I only have spinach, leeks, beetroot and carrots left in my garden... I never thought peas would be flowering now, let alone growing - way too cold here for them! My rosemary got a heavy prune late autumn, so no flowers yet :)
    Stay safe

  12. Here the wasps turn up now, ewwww, not fun!


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