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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Pets In The Family

Pets are wonderful to have around the home.  They give companionship, teach children responsibility, make us laugh with their antics, and intrigue us with their different personalities.
We currently have three cats and two rats and they bring a lot of joy into our lives.

Millie likes to curl up here all night - and sometimes all day as well

Mittens and Teenie prefer a warm fluffy blanket on the bed

Mayo and Pepper are son's two rats

The Boys are very gregarious - here they are sharing a drink of water

Over the years we have had different pets – calves, budgies, lambs, puppies – but never a horse.  We have a field behind the house that used to have cattle grazing there, but these have now been replaced with pet horses.

This horse has a beard that would rival any billy goat

What pets do you have in your family?
Margaret J

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  1. Despite having spent my entire life involved with wildlife in one way or another, I have never wanted to have animals in my home.

  2. I only have one pet which is a rabbit called Cinnamon Bun ( she's the colour of an un-iced bun)but middle son and his family have 2 cats and an indoor bunny ( mine lives outdoors). Through the years we've had cats and dogs, for a time my sons had a garter snake but it wasn't really a pet.

  3. Pets are most important members of any family (not too sure about rats though).

  4. Cats, always 2, at the moment we have girls, Grace and Purdy.

  5. We were a cat family growing up. We always had two or three. I've gone off cats after dealing with the wild ones here. One on of them squeezed in under the window nets and ate half a chicken the other day.
    Our children have dogs and we are quite happy to dog sit

  6. Hello,

    You are right on that family pets bring us much joy! I love your sweet kitties. I hope the rats stay in the cages. I have had mostly dogs and a few pet birds. Right now, I miss having a dog. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day,wishing you a happy weekend!

  7. When we were in university, my husband had mice. Interesting pets! Now we share a golden retriever with our daughter who owns her. We had hamsters when our daughter was young but never rats.

    Pets are great companions. When we walk the boardwalk we see lots of seniors walking their dogs. They keep us active. A dog is always a great conversation starter too so they keep us sociable as well.

  8. Hello. Lovely photos. I have a dog.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. We currently have two cats...have had 4 cats at one time, and have had dogs, rats, and mice...oh, and a squirrel. And the girls raised a robin. I feel like I am forgetting something...oh, we have had rabbits. But only one was a real pet...the others never did enjoy being petted. But they could have Bailey out in the yard, and if something scared her, she would run to one of them and jump in their lap and hide her face against them. And I do not have one single picture of her.

  10. My daughter had pet rats when she was a teenager. They are sweet gentle little creatures, and very clean.

  11. Your cats are so pretty, and I love their names. Right now we have two dogs, two cats, six rabbit, two goats, four guineas, one duck, and eight chickens. For several years we had only dogs...nine at one time. Then I rescued a tiny kitten from the middle of a highway, (my husband claims he doesn t like cats), and since then have rescued two more cats. Funny, the cats love my husband. I can't imagine living without pets.

  12. Our pets all died of old age within a year of each other by 2013... we had a Schnauzer mix named Chip, a Beagle-Dachshund named Brandi, and a Tuxedo cat named Mullen. Now we live in an apartment building that doesn't allow pets except for Emotional Support Animals. We're just not up to having a dog or cat anymore, so we received approval for a "Paradise" betta fish - his name is Perry Mason (yes, after the main character in the 1950-60s show of the same name lol). Perry's personailty is quite evident and we love to watch his antics in his aquarium. Back when I was in high school (1970s), I had a mouse and two dogs; then when my boys were little (1980-90s), we had hamsters. Our kids and grandkids have run the gamut from ferrets, hamsters, fish, mice, snakes, and dogs.

  13. wonderful pets Margaret - I have lived with cats nearly all my life - currently I have a caramel boy by the name of Tinker.. I have also had budgies, which are wonderful pets.
    Stay safe

  14. I had a ... "surprise"... German Shepherd (but wanted a cat). Then a gerbil, she was so sweet and tame, she ran free. Then white mice, sadly much "dumber".
    Now we have a wild squirrel. There is a wild cat outside I was allowed to pet once. But I had nothing to eat for him, my bad.


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