Thursday 25 June 2020


There is nothing more comforting during winter than a cosy fire in the evening, even if it is not very cold.  Looking back, it seems we have installed a log burner in almost every house we owned.

Son ordered us a load of split pine to top up our firewood reserves.  I felt a bit sorry for the delivery man as our driveway is a reverse down a shared drive then a sharp turn up a hill.  He did well to get it as far as he did.

The two guys unloaded the trailer by hand, which never took them very long and resulted in a lovely pile of firewood sitting in the drive for son to take care of.  It must have been recently split as the smell was divine!

Then the race was on to beat the weather as showers were beginning to arrive, after the last couple of days of cheerful winter sunshine.

The wood was all wheel-barrowed up beside the shed to clear the driveway.  It was rather nice to be informed that my help was not required and I could be on coffee-making duty instead.

Son then neatly stacked it beside the garage wall and a put a tarpaulin over it to keep it dry.

Next summer, he hopes to build a designated firewood storage area to keep the wood sheltered from the elements.


We have lived in this house now for ten months and are slowly getting things organized to how we like them – although it is son’s house so my “advice” is not always relevant!

There is great joy and satisfaction to be found in changing your home to how you like it J



  1. There is nothing as cozy as a wood fire! It is a pleasant part of winter.

  2. I definitely agree with that last statement. My DH built this house 40 some years ago and through the years we've added rooms, changed the interior to accommodate 2 families, redid the kitchen... I believe it is to my liking now.
    That load of wood will go a long way to keeping the chill away this winter.
    I love those cat baskets right in a cozy spot.

  3. I love a winter fire and so miss not having a fireplace. It's on the list for our next home though for sure!

  4. Yes settling in to a new home is fun and rewarding, we have been in ours 11 years, and still can find a few improvements.

  5. Those wood burners are terrific, give off lots of heat. We have a very similar style.
    Isn't a warm happy feeling to see all that firewood stacked and know you'll be nice and cosy for a while to come

  6. Nothing like a wood fire. I have been changing this house ever since I moved in with Doug or I should say Doug has done the changing to my specifications.....

  7. I agree, nothing better than such an oven! My brother just got one in the new house, too. I love the sound and the warmth is special, too.
    Wee but that looks like a lot of work! Guess fitness training was not required after that ;-)

    1. Son reckoned that was his exercise for the day :)

  8. What a great corner - love the cats baskets :) I have a heat pump, which minimizes the work, but i do miss a log fire!
    Stay safe

  9. I love a wood burning fire, but not the mess! The smell of freshly cut pine is lovely. I grew up with a logger for a Dad, we were always getting firewood from the bush where he worked. I too have loved getting a new home just how we like it, it's such fun.

  10. Hello, stacking wood is hard work. It is shame they could not deliver the wood closer. We have a big wood stove to burn wood. Have a great day!

  11. It is a wise parent who knows when silence is best!

  12. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting by a fire.

  13. A wood fire is a real comfort on a cold winter's day, isn't it? The other winter comfort thing I love is soup. But that's a story for another day. Love that freshly cut smell of wood.


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