Saturday, 7 November 2020

Covid Confusion


Covid-19 is a nasty virus that is playing havoc with people’s lives throughout the world, but I note that there is a growing body of voices who are beginning to question how officialdom is responding to it.

It seems that some scientists are stating that the world’s reaction is excessive, given that recovery estimates range from 97% to 99.75% of those infected.  Compare this with MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, a coronavirus first reported in 2012), which has a recovery rate of around 66%.

There are doctors asking for their governments to respond differently, as lock-downs hurt people financially, mentally, and physically.  Patients with the main killer diseases (such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes) can experience extreme difficulty getting diagnosed and receiving treatment, because of the exclusive nature of the fight against covid.

There is even debate about the number of people who are actually dying from the virus.  If a person dies WITH covid virus he is often recorded as a death statistic, whereas he didn’t necessarily die OF the virus.  This has generally been the situation here in New Zealand.

It all gets very confusing and it is easy to get caught up in hype and fear if we believe everything we are told (from either ‘side’).

I find it hard to believe the theories that all our governments are using the virus as a means of manipulating and controlling the populace, but I also find it hard to believe that officialdom always speaks the honest truth to us. 

Being a law-abiding citizen, I will always go along with what the government says we are to do.  But sometimes I wish there was more transparency in their decisions.

The old adage of fresh air and sunshine and plenty of fluids still seems to contribute to developing a strong immune system, as does cleanliness (wash those hands!) and good food.

I believe all we can do is take sensible precautions to keep ourselves healthy, according to our various situations, and not live in undue fear because the world has been hit with another new illness.

Stay positive and enjoy the life you have,

Margaret 😊


I thought this web page gave some good practical unbiased information, if you wish to read it:


  1. My husband and I are enjoying the outdoors more than ever through Covid. It helps us healthy mentally and physically. It’s been a long road though and many parts of Canada are seeing a surge of cases again. Covid fatigue appears to be happening. We can’t let our guard down though.

  2. I have really wondered about it all, too. I wonder how accurate everything is. I do wear a mask...not so much for fear of myself, but because, I would never want to spread it. I am a lot more relaxed about it than a lot of people I know. I just simply could not not see Lorelei...she is like the sunshine of our life, and I need her hugs, too. Life would not be worth living.

    And when we see her, we always see at least some of the kids' friends...and I am fine with that.

    But it is hurting so many people...the state next door to us has shut down indoor dining....and that is just so hard on family owned restaurants. The state we are in has not done that yet and I hope they don't.

    But it is hard to know what is really the best way to go other than like I say with Lorelei and our is not worth much if we can't see them occasionally.

  3. Finally!! Someone else who thinks the same as I do!! I agree with everything you said. (It's the same way here in the U.S.) Jerry and I do what we need to stay healthy, but we refuse to let the virus (or "officialdom" ... I like that word lol) run - or ruin - our lives! Have a blessed weekend, Margaret!! 💖

  4. I have the same questions and doubts that you do, and many doctors are saying we should re-open schools, businesses, etc., taking special safety precautions for seniors (like me) and people with certain health problems. The death rate as you say is pretty low for people under 65 with no other health problems. I do wear a mask when I go out and avoid going where people are.

  5. I agree that it's very confusing, and frustrating as well. Transparency in government? Not too likely I'd say.

  6. I agree - and we are now locked down with nothing much open for 4 weeks.

    Some people are so terrified.

  7. Like you I am law abiding, and do as requested, but you are also correct when you say fresh air, exercise, good nutrition and extra hygiene are all great tools in subduing this virus. I am in a high risk category health-wise thanks to age and a pre-existing condition, but for all that, I am not ruled by fear!
    Stay safe

  8. We, as you in New Zealand, have had a very low numbers. Thanks to our remote location, and people who don't much care for big gatherings, and who still respect laws and government (a rarity these days, I know). We never have had lockdowns, but we had restaurants closed and kids were studying at home. So it's been easy here.
    Problem vith this covid19 compared to mers and sars is that this is much more infectuous - sars or mers patients infect others while they have symptoms, but covid19 spreads before any symptoms. So mers and sars was so easily controlled, this thing didn't. And yes, mortality is low(ish), but many patients suffer for long-time symptoms, not only weeks but months. And no-one know if they will ever recover.
    But this is also hurting economy, hurting people with other health issues, hurting children WHO can't go to schools... It only shows how poorly world have been prepairing for pandemic issues, and that there are things NO country can deal all by themselves.

  9. Living in the south of England where virus levels are much lower than the north, we have been living our new normal life, be careful keep your distance, wear a mask and wash hands often. Now the whole country is in a mini lockdown, schools are open as is place of work, we are just being socially kept apart. We are following the rules, it's hard not to see daughter and grandsons, we will miss Georges 1st birthday later this month. BUT the virus was spreading towards our location and so many people ignored the rules, large parties still happen, I too worry about the science, but at our age we are at risk, no government would want to destroy the economy and borrow so much money. Even with a vaccine, I can't see much change for months to come.

  10. Hello,
    I have always thought the government does not tell the truth, but I do believe the doctors and scientist. It may not be all the Covid survivors die from the virus, but some have long term medical problems after having Covid. The doctors are still researching this virus and the complications that arrive afterwards. They are learning more from survivors in Wuhan China. I guess many people want to make up their own minds and are willing to take a risk. I would rather be safe than sorry. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

  11. It is extremely difficult for the average citizen to draw conclusions about topics in which he or she has no training or expertise. The best thing, it seems to me, is to consider the source. In North America, for example, if Donald Trump says anything, I dismiss it out of hand since he lies as soon as his lips start to move, whereas if Anthony Fauci makes a point I listen very carefully, and I am prone to believe what he says.

  12. Yep. I´m reading "Corona - false alarm?" by Dr. Karina Reiss (researcher in bio-chemistry, infectious diseases and medical science) and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (specialist for microbiology, cell biology and infectious diseases) and it says just that. Define who really died of corona. Define risk groups.
    There were cases of a 103 and 105 year old who survived the infection cause they were very healthy otherwise. Someone aged 40 with bad lungs might not make it. Etc etc and yes! Go outside and strengthen your immune system!
    And don´t forget about cancer and co-patients! Ans all the other side effects you mentioned, too.

  13. Here in the US, yesterday another 132,000 cases and 1,000 deaths. Where I live, pop about 40,000 there have been between 100 and 175 new cases daily, and 5-7 deaths daily. My friends mother just died, and sure, she was elderly at 85, but she likely would have loved some more years spent with the grandchildren. Covid weakened her, so even if not a direct covid death, it pushed her over to her God. I take this very seriously. Best, Celie

  14. I don't mind being locked down for a few weeks and keeping away from the virus. I've heard stories from people who are still suffering side affects month later. I don't want to get I'll and I don't want my husband to catch the damn thing. It's a nasty flu and can be fatal

  15. Glad to hear you don't believe all you hear/read.

    Fear is an easy way to control the masses.

  16. It's here...

    It's spreading, up here, due to cold weather and more people being inside....

    Just please read my post of today........

  17. I think I'm quite comfortable with how the response has been so far considering Muller wanted to open the international borders when we were in level 3. And we could've had the high limit of deaths like other countries have, but we don't. Could be worse I guess.....

  18. People we know are dying is serious:(


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