Wednesday 25 November 2020

A Drive In The Country


At the end of last week, on a gorgeous sunny day (it is pouring with rain today!), I jumped in the car and went for a drive out of the city.  I didn’t have any set destination in mind and I never traveled too far, so I was home again in a few hours.

I headed for Pirongia first, a small village close beside and named after this semi-dormant volcano.

Pirongia’s Heritage and Visitor Centre was still closed (I was too early) so my visit was short – but it became a timely stop as I took two phone calls while wandering around here.

I love balmy days in the country, and this day the air was heavy in places with the smell of honeysuckle and privet – I know many dislike privet (because of hayfever) but I actually love the scent of the flowers.

This tangled gully was full of birds and bees, and wafted out clouds of scent on the breeze.

Nearby is Kakepuku Mountain, another semi-dormant volcanic cone and a place where we once lived for a short time.

Although now covered with bush and farmland, this mount was once a virtual food basket with its slopes covered in gardens and fruit trees that supplied the resident Maori pa as well as a good proportion of the surrounding district.

This path (which is steep and often slippery) leads to the top of Kakepuku Mountain, where great views can be obtained of the surrounding countryside.

I went for a short Weed Walk along this quiet country road.  I rather enjoy seeing what is growing wild along the roadside.

It is always a pleasure to leave the city behind for a while and remember what rural areas are like – my father used to sneeringly call such drivers Sunday Drivers as they tootled past.  I really don’t know what he had against them.

Keep smiling 😊



  1. There aren't too many of these areas around Auckland, Margaret. But what a treat it is when one does go for a Sunday Drive through our beautiful countryside.

  2. A lovely drive. Yesterday, we had rain all day. Not heavy just constant and it went quite cold - we lit the fire in the evening. Today we have had showers but the sun is shining now and it is hot 25 degrees.

    1. Yesterday was not too bad here, but today we have had that rain (sometimes heavy) plus a couple of thunderstorms.

  3. Thank you for that walk in the NZ countryside with the smells and sights. I could imagine me being right there

  4. Loving seeing the countryside through your photographs - haven't been to Pirongia in ages, and when I did see it we were generally just passing through, on the back road from Otorohange northward...
    Today has been a bit of a wake up call - but I was glad to have a fine day on Monday when I had to head up to the Hamilton for a couple of appointments.
    Stay safe

  5. Hello,

    Gorgeous scenery from your ride in the country. The honeysuckle is a lovely scent. Beautiful photos. Take care, enjoy your day!

  6. "The tangled gully was full of birds and bees" that's where I would have spent my time!

  7. Maybe he thought they were pretty Damn Silly, to live in the city, and just Visit the country, where he was wise enough to live, all the time!!!!!!!!!! >,-))))))))))))

  8. Sunday drivers drove slower around here because they are enjoying the scenery and stopping occasionally. I guess if you were all business, they slowed you down. I’m a Sunday driver all the time now.

    1. I guess I am as well - my children say I have turned into a Nana Driver!!

  9. Me too, on being a Sunday least most of the time. I try to go the going speed on main roads, but on roads that are not busy, I take my time...if someone comes up behind me, I pull off to the side and let them get around me.

    I love these photos, specially that 4th view.
    I lo

  10. I like your choice of destination for a short drive away from the city. Pirongia is a lovely little town, a place I always stop on my way to Taranaki. Love your photo of the walking track up Kakepuku Mountain, it's very enticing.

  11. Taking the time to drive out into the countryside is such a great idea. That's a lovely area too.
    I hope the heavy rain didn't flatten your flowers.

  12. I’m enjoying your beautiful countryside and the lovely warm weather as we head into bleak midwinter. The joy of blogging. Have a good week. B x

  13. Haha, yes, that happens to me often too, being too early!
    Yes, wild is wonderful.
    "Tootle" - a new word learned 😊 Yes, we call them Sonntagsfahrer, too.

  14. What a beautiful area! We go for Sunday drives...relaxed and slow:)


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