Wednesday 4 November 2020

Homeward Bound


We woke to cloudy skies and threatening rain over New Plymouth on our last day away, but that never stopped us from visiting the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge on the Coastal Walkway trail.

The unusual shape of this bridge has been described as being reminiscent of a breaking wave or a whale skeleton, and on a fine day the end frames the volcanic Mount Egmont (Mount Taranaki – it has two official names).

Heading home, we stopped at Pio Pio at a pleasant little café for our lunch and then continued on to Te Kuiti.

There were more Big Things to photograph here, such as this 6 metre tall statue of a man shearing sheep.  Te Kuiti promotes itself as the Shearing Capital of the World, being the home of legendary competition sheep-shearer Sir David Fagan.

A bronze sculpture of a bat chasing three moths represents the native long-tailed bat that is found in this area.

At one end of the main shopping street is found the Mahoenui Weta Wall.  This giant flightless weta can grow up to three inches long and for many years was found only in a couple of small areas at Mahoenui.

Today the weta is being distributed to different ecological reserves in the hope that it will establish itself and the species will not be so vulnerable to extinction.

Our last major stop for the day was Otorohanga, where we were able to photograph this colourful kiwi statue.

I hope you have enjoyed travelling along with me on this road trip around some of our beautiful country.  It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun, and it has been my pleasure to share it here.

Until next time,

Margaret 😊


  1. Now that trip covered my home town as well as a few others - like you, I passed through there on Sunday. It's always great to see your home town through some one else's lens. Thank you
    Stay safe

  2. I loved your photo's, it's places I don't think we will ever visit, thank you for sharing.

  3. Have loved following you on your trip Margaret, thank you so much.

  4. Hello,

    Great series of photos, the sculptures are cool. The Kiwi is my favorite. I like the bridge too.
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  5. Beautiful bridge and I think the "bad" weather just makes the picture!
    Wow, huge guy! I only have a magnet with two men doing the job and it says "Australian men - shear genius!" :-)
    The bats are cute, but the weta freaks me out! The kiwi, awww, a good ending to the trip - thank you for sharing all this!

  6. I am amazed at the number if times giant sculptures or statues appear on blogs from New Zealand. The country seems to have a bit of a fetish for them.

  7. Margaret I really enjoyed your trip. So many interesting things to see. That bridge is quite spectacular. I wouldn’t want to meet one of those weta however. Kiwis though...

  8. I have so enjoyed your the statues shown here, as well as that bridge.

  9. After seeing your photo and reading your post, I Googled this bridge and saw many pictures from many angles. It is truly beautiful and does remind be of a whales remains, but in a pure and lovely way. Whales are amazing animals.

  10. There are some wonderful sculptures around the country. Thanks for sharing.

  11. It's been fun seeing all the sights you saw. The 6 metre tall statue must be quite impressive.
    Now that you're back home life will go back to normal. Do you scrapbook? If you do you'll have fun with all the pics you've taken on this trip.

  12. Great shots there, Margaret. Te Kuiti is a great place to walk around, isn't it? And that bridge is made to be photographed I think.

  13. Holiday at home when i can't come home to visit. Thank you.

  14. Welcome home!!!

    What a lovely trip!!!!!

    That is an amazing bridge!!!!!

    ✨ 💛 ✨ 💛 ✨


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