Tuesday 30 January 2024

January Skies in 2024


January is our mid-summer month and, here in Hamilton, is usually the sunniest and one of the driest months of the year.

We average 230 hours of sunshine, a maximum average temperature of 24C (76F) and an average low of 15C (59F).  Rain can be expected around 20% of the time, and relative humidity averages a little over 70%.

Overall, the weather in January can be quite pleasant most of the time.

Some of our local hot-air balloon enthusiasts agree with me, and we have seen this sight out the window on several early mornings this month.

Enjoying a balloon ride soon after dawn

Most of our days have been blue skies with fluffy white clouds, and lately our temperatures have been in the late 20sC but thankfully dropping back into the mid-teens during the night.

Cloud building up on a sunny afternoon

We have also experienced some rain, and even a bit of thunder.  This photo was taken about ten minutes before a torrential downpour.

The sky was much darker than the photo shows

It is not very often I get to see lenticular clouds, so was thrilled to see this one recently.  They usually form over mountainous areas so I am picking it was actually sitting somewhere above National Park, roughly 150km away “as the crow flies.”

I was sitting beneath our umbrella!

January seems to have passed by very quickly, but I feel it has been a productive month.  I have achieved a few things (decluttering, organising etc.) that I have been wanting to do for a long, long time.

Life is good 😊




  1. Love that lenticular cloud. Glad life is good for you now.

  2. Your January weather sounds perfect! I hope February is as lovely . We're having milder than usual temperatures this week. It was 10C this morning. Oddly pleasant for the end of January.
    You got a great photo of those unusual clouds.

  3. Lovely blue skies and cloud photos.
    Summer still seems a long way off here as we have another grey morning

  4. January is normally a very slow month, but this year it has rushed by, hope that's not set the pace for the year.

  5. Great cloud photos. Decluttering here got a boost on Saturday when I was chatting to a bloke recently widowed. His wife had been a 'collector'. He didn't say what she collected but said there were cupboards and cupboards of her treasures and he had no idea what to do with it all. Reckoned it might be of value to someone in 50 years time but he didn't have 50 years. I resolved not to leave anyone with that kind of problem - bereavement is enough on its own.

  6. Hi Margaret, fun to see your posts and hear about things in New Zealand. So you're enjoying summer and we're in the middle of winter! Those clouds are pretty interesting. Looks like beautiful summer days there.

  7. Yes summer is slipping away but we're still getting some nice.warm days. And Feb is usually a good month too.
    I need to do some declitterimg as well but it's too nice to be inside doing it. Diana

  8. Your last photo looks like a painting. The lenticular clouds are very interesting.
    Summer sounds wonderful, bright and clear with blue skies and of course the rain is a must otherwise everything dries up.
    Many warm greetings to you. I wish you a wonderful summer time.


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