Tuesday 16 January 2024

Two From A Teapot


Over the years I have decluttered and decluttered and disposed of endless items, and some of them are a bit like boomerangs and make their way back to me again! 

I seldom regret what goes out the door, and most of them I never think of again, but just occasionally I do miss an item and when I find it again I am powerless to resist adding it back into my collection of stuff.

However, sometimes unexpected items also make their way back to me.  A family member recently moved house and came across a book that had belonged to me as a young child.  Did I want it back again?

I was thrilled.  I had almost forgotten I had owned the book, but still remembered the story and have enjoyed going through it again.

The book was called Two From A Teapot, published in the mid-1950s, and is the story of Tabitha Tabbitail (a kitty) and how two little mice, who lived in a teapot, cared for her when she was ill during one winter.

It is a charming tale and is illustrated with some delightful drawings and pictures.

Sometimes it is rather nice to feel a bit sentimental 😊



  1. Sounds delightful. Lovely to get it back.

  2. What a wonderful return - it sounds a sweet story, and as you say, so beautifully illustrated. I am still on the decluttering stage, having moved and found that I have more stuff than space... even had to 'borrow' some of my daughter's china cabinet space :)

  3. That's not stuff, that's a treasure.

  4. Sometimes you just have to have treasures like that. I will sometimes buy and old book or magazine and Barb will look at me like I am nuts. But sometimes, something touches you and you just have to have it!

  5. What a lovely little picture book, and made especially special because you remember it from your childhood.

  6. So similar to Beatrix Potter although her cat was called Tabitha Twitchit. I looked up the author and he was English too and wrote lost of childrens books about animals just like BP

  7. What a delightful book that seems like it could have been written by Beatrix Potter!!

  8. How lucky to find the book. I have bee searching for years for a book I enjoyed as a child. It turned up once on an online second hand book shop. They wanted 200poundz. No!
    Enjoy your find


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