Sunday 28 January 2024

Butter Spreaders


Several months ago, one of my dinner forks decided to leave its companions and take an adventure all on its own.  I have been waiting for it to come home again but so far it hasn’t yet turned up, so I went and purchased another one.

Sitting beside the loose dinner forks, as part of the same cutlery set, there were butter spreaders.  Now, I know these have probably been around for ages but I have never used one before.

Growing up, we used bone-handled flexible blunt-bladed knives to butter our bread.  The knives I now use are slightly larger and still have the blunt blade but are not flexible.

I’ve been seeing these spreaders in use in several of the Japanese and Korean housewife vlogs I’ve been watching lately (a good activity when the afternoon gets too hot), and a French internet site told me they are specifically designed for evenly spreading butter, jams, pates etc. onto slices of bread, crackers or rusks.

My cutlery set now has seven new additions (counting the fork), and I can report that I love using the spreaders.  They are slightly different to using a knife, but feel good in the hand and the act of applying a spread to the bread felt like a work of art instead of something you do automatically (though no doubt that feeling will change!).

Isn’t it nice to have something different for a change?  It adds a little bit of spark to daily life 😊




  1. Oh those missing pieces of silverware - I think mine run away with the socks that are missing! I need some new cutlery - much of mine is mismatched. The spreaders are nice - and I agree - sometimes we need a little something special at the table, thanks for the reminder. It’s a good lesson to me not to save pretty things for “someday “. - why not make every day days special?!

  2. I've never seen any spreaders like yours before. I like the longer handles. I have some with short handles but they seem to get used only in the Christmas season when there are spreads and cheese balls around.

  3. I too grew up with the 'bone' handled knives, and don't like today's stainless versions at all for spreading. I have never heard of these before - I may keep an eye out for them. In the meantime I will continue to use my trusty, and very old, bone handled knife!

  4. Oh, they are nice and useful too. I have a lovely set of fish knives and forks. They are never used as we don't eat unfilleted fish, so they sit in the drawer looking rather sad. But we do use some small fruit spoons, which always make me feel as if I am living in Downton Abbey!

  5. I so agree. Something different can make life interesting!

  6. Bring back the butter spreaders!! I love them and intend to fossik through local op shops to find one. Much more elegant than what we do now.

  7. I will have to dig around in my old silverware and see if I have any:)

  8. My grandparents use to have a vintage cutlery set, they quite often last longer than the cheap things today

  9. I usually find the minute I replace a missing household item, it miraculously reappears.
    Love that set of butter knives. I have one that I use often and when there are others at the table, everyone shares the same one. Guess that is not the correct etiquette. Will keep my eye out for a little set next time I'm at an op shop.

  10. What a great find. I don't think I've ever seen them with long handles.

  11. Hmmm - I still like a knife with a long slightly flexy blade for spreading stuff (the table sized version of a chef's palette knife)

  12. PS - have you checked the compost heap?


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