Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Staple Consumables


I did my usual weekly grocery shop this morning and realised that I nearly always have on hand a few basic staple fresh consumables.

There is always (well, nearly always, as I sometimes run out!) a supply in our pantry of potatoes, carrots, onions, apples, lemons, milk and eggs.  Seven staples that I would not like to be without as I use them so much in my cooking.

Of course, we purchase other fresh things as well plus all our normal grocery items. 

Both Son and I make individual trips to the supermarket as we like different things.

Our dinner meals, though, we do take together – he buys all the meat and I buy all the fruit and vegetables.  It works out quite well and we seldom double up on things.

Not that many years ago (or maybe it is!), hubby and I grew most of our own vegetables and a good amount of fruit. 

Son and I grow a few essentials like silverbeet and lettuce and a few herbs, but I must admit that I do now find it easier to simply buy what we need.

Have a happy day 😊


Oops, I just realised I forgot to photograph the onions – you will have to imagine them sitting there!



  1. It's great to have a system that works and avoids duplication.

  2. We have many of the same staples. Add rice to ours.

  3. My pantry always (unless I run our) has most of the above, the two exceptions are almond milk instead of cow's milk due to dairy allergy issues and no lemons also for dietary issues that require strict limits on acid foods. Am currently out of potatoes, put the last into a big pot of soup a few days ago, am shopping in the morning and will rectify that!

  4. I usually have the same basic staples as you do except for lemons and especially apples. I use them often and try to keep fresh ones on hand but right now the price per pound is so high and the quality rather poor. I'm using ones I froze last Autumn. GM

  5. Rice, potatoes, onions and lettuce... Basically the same things minus the carrots and lemons. We have never grown our own and in this new environment, never will.

  6. We don't use many onions for cooking, I use them only in a few dishes. I keep the same staples as you and add a few oranges, bananas and a few sweet potatoes:)

  7. LOL, now I have onions on my mind!
    Argh, and I just last week ate the rest of the onion tard/pie!

  8. What I really miss growing is my own tomatoes. Last year I had two plants but no bees at all. It was a strange year. I had all kinds of blooms but they did not get pollinated.

  9. It sure does. There are 8 billion of us. I fear the planet is domed!


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