Monday 20 March 2023



Several months ago I sowed some carrot seed in one of my trough  gardens.  They germinated and then struggled and didn’t grow very well, so imagine my surprise when I went to remove them and discovered carrots beneath the surface of the soil.

Not a great many carrots, but enough for a couple of meals and a sample of what fresh carrots really taste like.

Our nights are slowly growing cooler but the days are still reasonably mild and warm.  I took advantage of that this morning and hand washed two fancy tablecloths that need to drip dry – I’m not keen on wringing out old fabrics or ones with lots of embroidery on them.

Some silverware also got polished (not my most favourite job) and a cupboard was organised – so I feel like I have had a productive morning and can now sit outside with a cup of tea and enjoy the afternoon.

Stay happy 😊




  1. Carrots. Love them fresh, cannot stand them cooked. I bet they are even better having come straight from your garden!

  2. You did have a productive morning Margaret! Not even daylight yet here and I'm still with my breakfast. :) Homegrown vegetables taste the best! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. To find the carrots was a nice bonus. They always taste better when you have to wash the soil off!

  4. That’s a nice harvest, Margaret. Well done.

  5. Those carrots look pretty darned good in fact. Did you know you can eat the tops as well? I've not tried it and suspect the flavour is like super strong celery or something, but they might be good to flavour up some soup.

    1. I had heard you could eat them, but never tried them myself. However, the rats enjoy eating a few!

  6. The carrots were a real bonus. I have never tried using the tops but will experiment if my crop comes to fruition this coming summer. Oddly I rather enjoy cleaning silver. It reminds me of my Grandmother and my childhood when I would do it for my Mum.

  7. I bet those carrots taste so good! There is just something about fresh fruit and vegetables.

  8. Those are some great looking carrots! A cup of tea in the autumn air sounds ideal...good for you, a fine way to end the day.

  9. sounds like the sort of day I love - and what a tasty surprise to find the carrots :)

  10. Oh, that must´ve been a wonderful, yummy surprise! The carrots, I mean ... the rest... sounds like what I have to do with the whole condo....

  11. Fresh carrots are the best flavor!


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