Monday, 25 October 2021

Shiny Red Apples


I bought these red apples at the supermarket the other day, when the sun was still shining.  They are so red and shiny, and remind me of the Wicked Queen who tricked Snow White into taking a bite of the shiny red poisoned apple.

I don’t expect these apples to be poisonous!

Our weather this weekend has been very dreary.  Lots of cloud, lots of wind, a reasonable amount of rain. 

I “thought” about getting out for a walk but decided to sit inside instead.  Not a good idea!

I’ve watched more television than I have watched for a long time, and have ended up feeling dull and a bit crabby.

I can’t even tell you much about what I have watched, except for the rugby game we watched yesterday morning.

The American Eagles played against our All Blacks in Washington DC.  We won, which was expected – a situation that always makes me feel for the other team.

I ended up cheering when the Eagles scored their two tries!

Spring here is often frosts and sunny days with the occasional storm.  This spring is turning into a very wet one. 

I just checked the weather forecast for the coming week and it is for more cloud, more rain, maybe some thunderstorms.  Roll on Summer 😊



  1. Sounds like our forecast. At least it was dry for our Parkinson's walk today.

  2. Are those Pacific Rose apples? I love them, they are so crunchy and fresh. We've literally had 3 days of heavy rain up here so we are ready for some sun

    1. They were just called Rose apples, but I guess they will be the same.

  3. Always a long haul when you’re waiting for summer and spring is wet. Those apples look delicious. Hopefully a sunnier week ahead. B x

  4. Oh ear Margaret I adore the shows on your fruit still life photo!!! I really feel jealous of NZ the most, your lives are all closest to normal compared to any country on earth! I even saw PM Jacinda on rthe news interviewing people who got tomatoes and other seedlings after vaccination, super cute!

    1. Covid is slowly spreading here. It is like we are twelve months behind the rest of the world. Nice to hear from you again :)

  5. Although we have had a lot of cloud, and some wind, there has been very little rain.... not that I am complaining. I spent part of Saturday reading a book - I don't watch TV now, in fact I got rid of my TV after DH passed as I never used it!
    Stay safe

    1. We never had TV reception for years (only used it for DVDs), but I got connected after losing hubby as I was so lonely by myself. Son has a big screen TV so I get it too, only I watch my little one. We are a house of two people with two televisions! Such extravagance :) xx

  6. Even if the weather is windy, rainy and dull, it's better to dress accordingly and get outside for a while. It always feels good to me and I come home in high spirits, almost always having encountered something that charged my enthusiasm battery. TV never does that! A while ago our TV died and we were six and a half months without one. If we had never replaced it, it would not have bothered me. And we don't have one of those giant screen that make a room look like a miniature movie theatre.

  7. "Shiny and red, my Dear..." -gigggles-

    Some rain here today, so no walk.

    Look at all those people, in the stands!!!!!!!! It's that way, all weekends, at both numerous college (our) football games. And Pro Football games.


    Guess what.....?

    No huge outbreaks of ChinaCovid...!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Makes you wonder, hu???????????



  8. It's so disappointing when Spring ends up being mostly rain and more rain. Actually, our Autumn is beginning to look much the same. When I'm cooped up in the house I like to watch You Tube videos. Mostly ones that give me a look into other people's lives.

  9. I've been self quarantining the last couple weeks and watching way to much TV. I agree, it can make you feel dull, when over done it can suck away your zest. I'm ready to get outside even if our weather is turning cold and damp. Wishing you happier days ahead as your Spring and Summer weather warm you up and get you out into the fresh air. :)

  10. We had a MIT if rain this past weekend..I am ready to see the sun!

  11. It funny...sometimes with all the channels there's still nothing to watch. That's when I pull out a favorite movie...I like the classic, old ones best, maybe take a little nap (great when it's raining), and call it a day...some days are just better than others! Mary

  12. Pretty bunch of fruit! Hope you get some nice days soon!

  13. Here the weather is grey and rainy except tomorrow, so I decided to go out.
    We had a big storm last week.
    Here we have lots of fruits coming from your country, especially all our kiwis!


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