Friday, 29 October 2021

Paranoia at Parana Park


Hamilton has many parks and walkways and I thought it was time I utilized some of them.

I chose Parana Park for my first walk, and was excited by this intriguing view into the park from the roadside.

There was a short walk along the footpath to reach the entrance, and I stopped to admire the beauty of the candle-like flowers on this Horse Chestnut tree.

The tree itself is planted on the side of the road opposite the park entrance I had chosen.   But when I turned from the tree it began to rain.

I made a hasty retreat back to my car and gave up on my walk.

Apart from the risk of a fall on wet slippery paths, I dislike walking anywhere that I cannot be fully aware of my surroundings.  Rain deadens noise and makes it harder to look around to see who is nearby.

This may sound like I’m being paranoid, and perhaps I am, but I once had a man lurch out of some shrubbery and accost me on the path I was on.  It was a very unnerving experience for a woman on her own, and I have no great desire to let it happen again.

Be happy with the decisions you make 😊




  1. Your attitude sounds perfectly sensible to us. I, the Tigger, know all about checking the surroundings. You can never be too careful about what lurks in undergrowth. The park does look inviting tho. We smiled to see chestnut flowers when we had been picking up shiney chestnuts in the Metsovo churchyard.

  2. I can understand your caution - I too am pretty wary when walking on my own. The view from the road is intriguing - I hope you get back to walk the park in fine weather
    Stay safe

  3. Beautiful, and... no falling, please!
    Not paranoid at all, happened to me more than once. A student had to "rescue" me one - better safe than sorry. x

  4. I think if anyone had that happen to them, they would be cautious!

  5. It would be an equally unnerving experience for a man on his own.

  6. I applaud your *Paranoia* and think it is "WISDOM"!!!!!!!!

    Reading all the women who walk, walk, walk, alone.... Makes me squirm.

    Not everyone out there, is nice. And it is WISDOM, to accept this, and take care of ourselves.

    Hooray for you!!!!!!

    Shadows mutter,
    mist replies;
    darkness purrs
    as midnight sighs.
    ~Rusty Fischer

  7. I can understand your anxiety after being accosted like that, Margaret. When I am out alone, I am always aware of my surroundings. I would never walk with headphones in.

  8. My daughter and her husband often enjoy a run after work. She rang me the other night and said that they had run through a park after dark, part of which wasn't lit. They both had headtorches, kept close to each other and were wearing reflective clothing BUT she saw several young women running on their own, dressed in dark clothing and wearing headphones! Crazy! I am with you. If I get a bad feeling about anywhere I steer well clear. You can't be too careful and can always go back on a nice bright day. X

  9. Too bad the rain spoiled your walk. I don't think one can be too wary of being in a vulnerable situation. I'm always glad to see others walking within hearing ( and helping) distance when I walk alone. I can imagine how I would have screamed if someone had come lurching out of the shrubbery and come towards me.

  10. A "good choice" as we say to children these days. The running with headphones on seems to me to be asking for trouble -or an accident. At least you got to see that magnficent Chestnut tree. And returning there is a treat in waiting.

  11. I wondered what the name of that tree was, I've seen one or two here, I would've been scared if I'd had that experience here too.

  12. It sounds like a scary experience you had, and I very well understand that you are afraid to get into something like that again. The chestnut tree was beautiful. When I met my husband ( 47 years ago) I lived in a street in Oslo known for it's chestnut trees. There was an old popular song from the 50's that made it known, "When the chestnuts are blooming in Bygdø Alle'" (In Norwegian: Når kastanjene blomstrer i Bygdø Alle') We met in spring, so chestnut trees are special to us :)

  13. Oct. 30, 2021

    Did you see this on your local news?

    "New Zealand finally awakens today against their authoritarian Prime Minister."

    This is on Twitter.

    And the first publication of this, was on

    Plus, brave people are peacefully protesting in many other cities.

    But does "the so called news" tell us?

    1. This was the third Freedom Protest we have seen in the last six weeks. It is a growing trend, with people becoming more and more disillusioned with the results of restrictions of harsh lockdowns, and the Big Stick demands of “you MUST get vaccinated,” that are being placed upon us.
      I worry some protestors may not be fully cognizant with the implications of Covid being let run riot, but I also understand their plea for freedom of choice and their frustration at our frequently changing ‘rules,’ and the often-contradictory official information we are given.
      So many small businesses are suffering excessively, and many people are not able to obtain the proper medical care or diagnoses they require. The majority of adults are now fully vaccinated but we have no acknowledgement of that, no lessening of ‘rules.’ Instead, we have to wait for those who choose not to be vaccinated and this is beginning to cause a lot of resentment.
      The whole country is becoming divided and many feel their only option is to protest. If the government does not soon change their blinkered focus on the effects of covid, and begin concentrating more on actually governing the country, then I fear we may soon have violence on our streets with far worse social effects than people dying of covid every year like they do with influenza.

  14. If only people would try to get the truth, about this THING.

    The so-called-protection, from the Jab, only lasts 4-5 months. And even during this time, one is not immune. Can get China/Covid, and give it to others. (Supposedly, what we get, is not as bad.)

    Sooooo, then, all those who had the Jab, have to have Boosters, for ever and ever.

    And the China/Covid will keep mutating.

    Best is natural immunity, from getting it and recovering. Which is harder for we older people, granted. So protect the old.

    But let young, healthy, not obese people get China/Covid, and have natural immunity. Because there is no way, to fully wipe it out. Any more than colds, and flus, have been totally wiped out.

    Mankind will have to learn to live (and die) with China/Covid.

    But will not be able to, while governments do not allow natural occurances to happen. While governments RULE, that all must be JABBED.


    Thank you.


  15. That is one beauty of a tree! Yes always be aware of your surroundings:)


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