Sunday, 17 October 2021

My Weekend


Saturday and Sunday have been totally different days this weekend.

Yesterday was blue skies and sunshine, and it was lovely to sit on the deck all afternoon and enjoy it (sitting under the umbrella as I burn so easily).

The garden was bright with flowers and the birds were busy doing their Spring Thing and chirping from all the trees around us.

One of our neighbour’s trees has sparrows building a nest in it, still visible at the moment, but once the tree comes fully into leaf the nest will be well-nigh invisible.

Then today, Sunday, we have had heavy cloud cover all day, along with a bit of wind. 

The rain arrived late this afternoon, but I managed to pick some Californian Poppies before it came.  Their separated petals are now sitting in the dehydrator – I find it takes about 20 hours to dry them properly (at 35 degC), but they make a great splash of orange colour in a dried flower mixture.

That, and the writing up of a few lists, is all I have managed today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.

Did you know that petting your cat or dog can help to lower your blood pressure?

Time to get petting! 😊



  1. Isn't that the way that Spring weather goes? One day is sunny and the next day showers. Your flowers are looking good. I have a dehydrator but have never tried drying flowers in it. Maybe I'll try that too.

  2. Your garden is looking very colourful.

  3. I must investigate a hydrater . I’d love to dry my own flowers. Love to think you are enjoying spring as we go though autumn:) B x

  4. To me both days sound good and I googled Californian Poppies - they are beautiful!
    Sadly we don´t have a pet. I just had a very wild German Shepherd at age 4 (I wanted a cat).

    1. We had a German Shepherd once, a very intelligent dog - but I still prefer cats :)

  5. Sunday ... yes, time to stroke and relax.
    Good time for you
    Many greetings from Viola

  6. Sometimes being productive is no all it's cracked up to be!

  7. I have a kitty in my lap now...but I sometimes think she will be the death of me. Neither of the cats are good to.sleepmwith so have to shut the door to keep them out. Lots of morns about 4:30, she starts banging on the door. You would swear she is going to break it down . Not only does she interrupt my sleep, but sometimes it really startles me.

    1. I usually shut my door too :) Millie never sleeps with me but sometimes Mittens does - and usually wakes me up super-early by jumping all over the bed and nudging me :))

  8. You had a bit of everything!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yes, petting an animal is relaxing, for both parties. -smile-

    Your yard is lovely, already, in the season.

    🍎 😋 🍎 😋 🍎

  9. Your garden is full of colour. So lucky to be able to preserve that colour

  10. I had a weekend dictated by the weather, too. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow, huh? And it's just not right to not enjoy perfect weather.

  11. Sounds like my weekend - I was over at Omanu (Tauranga) and Saturday was brilliant, Sunday cloudy with the wind getting up, and it started to rain as we came home, and last night was windy, wild and very wet here!
    My cat has slept with me most of the winter, but he's a bit of a lump! He tends to wake me about 6:30 as he's been out, and then meows as he comes back in. As long as I speak to him, he quietens and I can sometimes catch a few more zzzz's.
    Stay safe

  12. We love your irises. I never thought of putting petals in the dehydrator. I used to spread them out on a sheet in a sunny room. I imagine the dehydrator preserves the colour better. Tigger's blood pressure must be well lowered by now....


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