Friday, 1 October 2021

A Frog and a Butterfly


Slowly, our days are growing warmer even though we still get the occasional chilly night.  We lit the fire last night, but only to take the chill off the air and not because we were cold.

Son was recently given this butterfly ornament as a gift and he has now found a place for it to call home.  

We will see it each time we come up the driveway, and it will make a lovely Welcome Home for us.

I’ve always enjoyed ‘hiding’ little ornaments amongst my garden flowers – and the grandchildren loved finding them!  I don’t have many left now, but I do still like having some in amongst my container garden.

Being outdoors all the time, they lose their paint/colour and can end up looking rather dingy and lack-lustre.

Such was the case with this little frog.  He originally belonged to my mother, and he just looks so cute with his grin and straw hat and the little dragonfly necklace (perhaps it is a ‘her’?).

A family member suggested he could give him/her a freshen up with some acrylic paint and I agreed.  I love the result so much that the froggy now has a place on my bookcase instead of in the garden.

Nothing like a cheerful frog to bring a smile to your face 😊



  1. Cute froggie. How cheery she looks ( I've decided it must be a 'she')
    Nice butterfly too. Your son found a good spot to hang it.
    How have you been keeping? Hopefully you're doing fine. Enjoy your Spring weather.

    1. Thanks Granny M. Most of the time I am keeping pretty well (I find it's best to ignore the off days!). It always seems strange to have opposite seasons, but I wish you a Happy Autumn :)

  2. I've seen those butterflies sold in gift shops up here, we use to have one on the fence at the last property we rented, they're pretty.

  3. That is definitely a lady frog, Margaret, a proper little Ms Kermit. Love her colours and cheeky face. I agree, she sure would bring a smile to anyone who saw her.

  4. Great butterfly!
    Sweet idea with the hidden ornaments. We do that for Easter (you, too?)

    My King Frogs want to give a (virtual) kiss :-)
    I do have such a "rain-hat" indeed. Just need some rain...

  5. What a wonderful butterfly - that is beautiful!!
    That frog is such a fun fellow(ess?) and I can understand why you want it inside to grace your bookshelf!
    Yes, the temperature is certainly unpredictable at the moment...
    Stay safe

  6. I love finding little surprises on the garden. So nice to see a rabbit or an elephant peeping out from behind a pot. Love your butterfly.
    Froggy is brilliant. Wish I had someone to freshen mine up. Might have a go at them myself

    1. He says he cleaned Froggy, let her dry, then used ordinary artist's acrylic paints before sealing it with an acrylic spray used to seal acrylic paintings. No idea how long it will last outdoors, though it should be for a reasonable time.

  7. The butterfly looks great on the fence.

  8. I enjoy outside ornaments too. Ours will soon be heading inside again. Sigh…

  9. That butterfly us beautiful.. and I love frogs!

  10. New Header!

    What a lovely 'Welcome Home'!

    Oh that froggie is precious. Surely a lady frog, with that pretty necklace.

    Sweet that it was your Mother's...

    Yayyyyy Ocotober!
    🎃 😊 🏈 😊 🎃

  11. I like the idea of hidden ornaments through the garden, they bring a smile to anyone seeing them, especially for the first time. It's sweet that you have your mother's little froggy, I'm sure it make you think of her. Pretty butterfly, too :)

  12. Nice butterfly !
    The frog looks pretty with her straw hat.
    I wish you a nice week-end.

  13. Ohhh, sheep! Love the new banner! When Ingo still lived in the village we visited the sheep and had deep conversations (I guess) - they always answered. Such cute animals!
    Was the banner there with this post?! I must´ve been distracted!

  14. I love tucking little "things" in the flower garden and outside, it just makes things cheery...and the butterfly is a perfect welcome!


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