Tuesday 28 September 2021

Spring Flowers and Pressure Valves


I was very happy this morning to see the plumber drive up to the house. 

Our native Kowhai

For the last couple of days, the overflow pipe from the hot water cylinder has been pushing up water – which then drips down into our back porch area.

Snowflakes, often referred to here as Snowdrops

Everything is wet through and one could not walk across the porch without getting dripped upon.

I have no idea what these are - does anybody know?

We were afraid it may have meant a new hot water cylinder (this one was installed in 1985) but that checked out fine.  The fault was a pressure valve, which has now been replaced – no more drips!  

Star Magnolia, a beautiful spring-flowering shrub

Spring continues to advance and our weather is quite variable but the temperatures are slowly rising.  

Polyanthus nestled into a tree-shaded garden

I have been enjoying seeing spring flowers almost as much as I enjoy seeing autumn foliage.

Old fashioned muscari (grape hyacinths)
are always a pleasure to see

I hope these pretty flowers have cheered your day up a little,

Margaret 😊


  1. Lovely spring flowers. A bit cooler here today with hail showers.

  2. What a joy to see your spring flowers, our weather here has turned, it's very autumnal here, soon most of our late summer blooms will be gone.

  3. What beautiful floral images Margaret - thank you. Yes, the hot water cylinders can be costly to replace - glad to hear it was a somewhat more simple 'fix'.
    Stay safe

  4. Kowhai are one of my all time favorite flowers - thank you for those. Glad to read it only required a new pressure regulator. Greetings to Mittens from Mr T. (F)

  5. A great burst of colour to start my day. As you move into spring we, of course, are getting into fall. Bright colours and lovely days, but winter is waiting in the wings!

    1. I feel our winter just gone has been very mild, so am almost dreading the arrival of summer and its hot weather.

  6. Oh, these flowers are beautiful. Inam always glad to see flowers, but especially after winter.

  7. Lovely lovely spring flowers! The best time of the year

  8. Glad your drips have stopped without too much work. The spring blooms bring a smile.

  9. Such pretty flowers, glad your hot water heater problem was solved.

  10. Beautiful Spring blooms!!
    I'm sure replacing a pressure valve is a lot less of an expense than replacing the water tank itself. I hope the dripping water didn't do any permanent damage to your back porch.

    1. No permanent damage, thankfully, and everything is almost dried out again now.

  11. Such pretty colors! I'm ready to put out mums and pumpkins this week, but so nice to see the cheery colors of spring from your part of the world, Mary

  12. Beautiful Spring flowers!!!!!!

    Happy result.... Just an easy fix!!!!!



  13. What's going on, with China Covid Rules now, in your country?

    Please and thank you.

    Here, some Health Care Workers, will not be mandated to get "The Jab," and everything ripples down from there (bad), in the Health Care industry.

    Because our stupid Gov. is paying people not to work, business can not get workers, needed to keep things running.

    Big truck companies, which bring EVERYTHING to us, are short of drivers.

    Costs are going up.

    Ahhhh, the joys of having a Gov., which is intent on bringing us, to Socialism.



    1. Our government is also becoming more and more socialist. They seem very loathe to relinquish any control they can gain over the population (e.g., by not easing lockdown restrictions - there have been no community cases in the South Island for a year but they are still in lockdown), and seek to stop us making our own decisions by making it compulsory to wear masks etc.
      Government ministers (including our Prime Minister) feed us conflicting information, and refuse to tell us what The Plan is (apparently they do have one) for bringing us out of the pandemic.
      We have strict lock-downs whenever a new case is found somewhere. I personally question the need for such stringency - many suffer from financial hardship because of lack of work etc. and our suicide rate is rising, so which is worse?).
      The reason for lockdown and trying to eradicate the virus is given as "even one preventable death is one too many" - true, but nearly every car accident death is preventable and we don't ban cars!
      Let's face it. Covid will never go away (no disease the world has ever had, is ever completely eradicated), and so we have to learn to live with it. And, yes, people will die of it - but to put that in context, over 30 people die every day in New Zealand from cancer (in a population of 5 million) and nobody says anything about it.
      I also find it interesting to see that several countries are now releasing figures showing their death rates have remained the same, it is just that people have died of different causes.
      And that is my rant finished for the day!!
      Enjoy your week :)

    2. Hi Margaret, We need like button! I so, so agree with you.

  14. So many pretty flowers
    I’m in Australia and our days are warming up but the weather has been unpredictable
    We are also getting lots of rain
    Great for all the weeds!

    1. Yes, our lawns are all growing too. At least I don't need to mow them - son does that!

  15. I love spring flowers. Here it’s Autumn but the weather was nice and warm at the sea, coming back home it is colder, but nice Fall.
    Our boiler must be changed, but not before 14 of October I hope it does not get too cold by then.

  16. So good you got the water problem fixed. I love to see the spring flowers! Here we now enjoy to see the autumn colors :)

  17. Your flower images are lovely, Margaret. They make up for the lousy weather we've been having. Glad the pressure valve solved your problems, hot water cylinders are jolly expensive to replace.

  18. Interesting - your snowflakes look different to ours!
    Glad you had an easy solution to the water-problem. I had to pay € 3000 for my tenat´s place - also from the 80´s, totally broken down.

    Oh, the Magnolia is beautiful, too!

    Yes, thank you, the flowers sure gave me a huge smile :-)

  19. Preciosas tus flores. Saludos.


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