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Friday, 3 September 2021

Jam First


It seems to be an ongoing debate – do you put jam and a blob of whipped cream on your scone, or do you put whipped cream with a blob of jam on it?

I made scones for lunch and we had apricot jam and whipped cream with them.  The consensus was that jam should be put on first – after the butter, that is – and then a blob of whipped cream.

These scones were made with half white flour and half fine wholemeal flour and the end result was light and crumbly and very filling.  I only ate half the number I usually do! (And, no, I am not letting on how many I can eat LOL)

We are having typical spring weather this week – early morning frosts followed by fine sunny days.  The sun is even warm if you can get out of the wind.

I enjoyed sitting out in the garden for half an hour with a cup of tea this morning and almost fell asleep.  I guess I must have been feeling relaxed and if the neighbour hadn’t started hammering something I may have fallen off my chair!

We are heading into the weekend now.  My current favourite TV programme is on tonight – The Great British Sewing Bee.  I’ve been enjoying it immensely the last few weeks.

It is almost – almost! – inspiring me to pull out my sewing machine and make something 😊

Stay safe and be happy,



  1. I love scones. In Cornwall we had them with butter strawberry jam and Cornish cream. Here I only put jam and cream. You gave me the idea to bake some this afternoon!

  2. Now feel I need to bake scones, but as its only 8am I'd better have breakfast first!

  3. which one you put first depends I suspect on the relative availability of the product. In a county where cream was plentiful and jam may not have been it is possible the jam was the treat and went on the top - to show it off of course. And vice versa if you lived in a county blessed with fruit and very few cows. Those scones look great. Someone made me thing of my grand mother's girdle scones the other day and I'm tempted to get out the old girdle and make some.

  4. Butter, jam, cream and loads of cream on top. Jam on top would squish the cream. Now I'm envious of you and your scones. Haven't had one in years, especially with cream.

  5. scones with butter, jam and cream are perhaps my favourite food. YUm xx

  6. Butter, jam AND cream? I can't even imagine! Just the butter alone is basically pure fat. You arteries (and your svelte body) must be screaming at you. And you eat more than one of these at one go? I have never had one and I am quite sure that I never will.

  7. I would give anything if we got the great british sewing bee...I will check youtube...I used h it on there. I find stuff but it is not like it used to is like it is about the show...but does not show the actual show..

  8. No butter, jam 1st, preferably raspberry or strawberry, then cream.

  9. Guess what I did today! I had my sewing machine out and shortened my cheapy-skirt - it worked!

  10. Your scones look so good. No cream used here, just bitter and jam.

  11. I've just started watching it, I love Joe Lycett, such a funny comedian. i wish I could make scones but I've never been successful with it, jam then cream is good.

  12. Hello,
    I have to say I just love your header photo. The scone with jam and cream look delicious.
    Take care, have a happy new week!


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