Tuesday, 21 September 2021

My Garden and The Moon


Going to bed last night, I caught sight of the full moon with a beautiful halo around it (the camera on my phone doesn’t do it justice).

Apparently, halos like this are not that unusual, and are believed to indicate that we are in for an unsettled period of weather (what else is new? Spring is always unsettled!).

Whatever causes them, and whatever they mean, moon halos are still amazing to behold.

The last few days have been rain-free and I have become the victim of Spring Fever again.  It seems to happen every year, and I am almost powerless to prevent its occurrence. 

It is the time of year when I want to get out in the garden, when I want to clean the house from top to bottom – at least I no longer get the “birds and the bees” feelings (leaving them to the young ones!).

My little container garden (I leave the main gardens for son to care for) is looking a little tired.  Time to repot a few things and buy some annuals to add colour and interest to this little area.

Time to smile, everyone!  Have a happy day 😊



  1. Gorgeous Full Moon!

    Yes, this kind of a moon is very lovely. I like it, with clouds passing over and around it too. -smile-

    Please come over here, and do your Spring Cleaning From Top to Bottom!!!! -grin- I'd love it. Even though it is Autumn here.

  2. No sign of the full moon here last night - much too cloudy.
    Have fun with sorting those pots for spring

  3. How exciting pot to fill with colour, I look forward to seeing your summer as ours is leaving.

  4. What! No birds and the bees feeling. Better get than rekindled right now. More fun than tidying up the pots!

  5. You're right...the full moon has been beautiful, with Jupiter and Saturn close by, it's so pretty to step outside after dark. You're ready to usher in Spring and I'm ready for Fall here! It' been a rainy, hot and humid summer, and I'm ready for cool, crisp days, bonfires, and sweaters. Enjoy potting up some annuals...their pop of color is always so cheery. Mary

  6. Didn't see the full moon but your picture is beautiful. I know that feeling when going into springtime. It's just wonderful to see the plants and trees turning green again, and feeling the warm sun on your skin. I absolutely love it. In spring, I have a hard time staying inside to do anything. Here we are going into fall. Will be a while before I can look forward to that feeling again.I love your container garden. Can't wait to see it all growing and full of blooms.

  7. We love your container garden. Do another photo of the same bit later in summer when it is in full bloom. Mr T says it looks like a good sunning place for a cat so leave a Mittens sized gap somewhere. Xxx F and Mr T

  8. I bet you’ll have everything ship shape in no time, Margaret!

  9. Spring Fever, now that's the bug to catch :) I get it every year too!

  10. I forgot to go out and look for the moon last night but I plan on doing that later tonight. I usually have to go out on to the street in front of our house to see it. Too many tall trees in the back. I'm sure the neighbours are saying Oh look, there's that silly woman out on the street looking at the moon.

  11. I wish I would get spring fever and have the energy to follow through. You will have to take photos of your containers every so often...every week or two weeks. Till we can see how they change.

  12. One of the few things I can recall from my youth or schooldays is that the halo we see round the moon is caused by the light shining through tiny ice crystals in the very thin clouds way above us. I always think that it's very romantic (again probably something to do with walking along the beach at the waters edge in the moon light).

  13. Beautiful moon and a neat garden.

  14. I too love a "moonbow" Margaret - but I have to view from inside at the moment - I have just had a lung infection that has knocked me badly.
    Loving the container garden - I have got some of the vegetable garden at my daughter's place sorted, but then the weather closed in and I became unwell....
    Stay safe

    1. I'm so sorry to hear you have been ill Maxine. I hope you are feeling much better now and will soon be 100% well again. Hugz xx

  15. I've wondered what that halo meant. Nice to have Spring isn't it although I'm not looking forward to Summer.


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