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Friday, 10 September 2021

A Yowch Money Moment


I think I may have discovered the fastest way to spend money when you don’t really want to – get your car repaired!

The engine light was refusing to go off, so the car has been in the garage for three days and came home again yesterday.  $616 for the needed part, plus freight, plus labour, plus GST (goods and service tax), and you can see what I mean.

After the initial “ouch ouch ouch” moment, I felt thankful that I was able to pay for it without any issues.  My little car is my ticket to being able to move around freely, and I am happy to have trusted people I can take it to in times of need.

Spring is Coming!

The country has been getting buffeted with a couple of storm fronts these last few days, but we have so far managed to miss the worst of it here in Hamilton.

We have had heavy rain showers and a fair amount of blustery strong winds, but nothing exceptional for a winter weather system.

South Island friends have sent me photos of the snow that was falling around their home – sometimes I am glad that we are far enough north that our climate is warmer, and we can mostly escape those conditions.  I must be getting soft!

Wishing everyone a pleasant, peaceful, and happy day 😊




  1. It has often been said that a car will keep you poor, but it's hard to manage without one.

  2. Ouch! That is an expensive repair. But then I always try to think that it is cheaper than having to buy a new car. (I had about that same amount of expense last fall, but it was two different issues, and stuff that was just due.)

  3. Car repairs can be so expensive. We wondered why it was so cold yesterday and then realised it was snowing in the South Island.

  4. Yowch, indeed. Car repairs sure do cost a small fortune. But, as you say, we need them to get around as we please, so just have to grin and bear it.

  5. Oh, and forgot to say, love your new header.

  6. I had to go to the garage last month the air conditioner was not working for only a little part to change I had to pay 300 euros. But in Summer hard to drive with no air conditioning !
    Here the weather is hot again, we went from 17C to 30C very tiring weather…

  7. ouch! But good you got your car fixed, I'm still waiting to get mine back 6 weeks after it was stolen.

  8. I'm with you, cars are expensive, but necessary, we do have good bus routes here to our local town and both cities of Portsmouth and Southampton, but they are so slow, takes hours to get to either city. It might be different in November when I get a free travel bus pass, hubby already has his, free travel sound good.

  9. Oh ouch - I have had mine serviced and then a warrant in the last 3-4 months, but she is still not giving me a good "k per litre" ratio, so will have to take it back... will grumble when I so too! Not impressed.
    WE have had heavy winds here, and some rain, but overall not too bad
    Stay safe

  10. Outch on the car-costs!!!
    Great Spring pic. Yesterday was 26 C here :-)
    Fingers crossed storms keep passing by.

  11. A vehicle is freedom for sure. Public transit in rural Canada is non-existent. A car is a necessity.

  12. Ouch indeed but just think of the vet bills for a horse... (or whatever the alternative is to a car).

    1. Haha, that's right. And at least if I don't use my car I don't have to feed it :)

  13. The car is so useful to have, but sometimes it is expensive!

  14. Hope you don't get really bad weather!

    Snow, eeek! That will be here, quicker than we think.

    🍁 πŸ‚πŸ‚ 🍁

  15. Yes cars are expensive but necessary! Such pretty flowers!

  16. We had a vehicle that always had the engine light on but my husband's advice was to ignore it. But to be fair he knows quite a bit about repairing cars and had looked for the problem, didn't find one, hence the advice. I'm sure if it had been up to me I would have wanted it looked into.

  17. We've been going through the same thing with my husband's truck, except none of the new parts have made the "check engine" go out. Sure gets expensive. Spring flowers are so pretty.

  18. Ouch! We've just had a similar sized bill for "bushes" that needed replacing in our 'second car' - to be fair, I had noticed a noise so I wan't surprised, and the car is quite ancient. We bought a late model EV a year ago which is absolutely brilliant, and of course needs very little financial input! The old car would get us nothing if we sold it, and it's useful for the short trip to my husband's work.

    BTW, I too love your header. It makes me long for summer, and dabbling my feet in a cool stream.


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