Wednesday 28 October 2020

Bulls And Bits


This was Day Four of our road trip.

We travelled across country this time, stopping briefly in Palmerston North (another place I would like to revisit at some stage, and have a closer look around).

Sanson was next.  It is a small settlement on a busy road junction.  They have a Sky Hawk Playground for restless children, inspired by the proximity of the Ohakea Air Force Base.

Our first big stop for the day was at Bulls, a town full of puns about its name.

Here I am, loitering in front of the cop shop with some of the const-a-bulls (painted on the shed door).

We even found a bit of toilet humour.

Arriving at Wanganui early afternoon, the day was too pleasant to waste and so we decided to visit the Durie Hill Elevator.

Accessed by a 213 metre long pedestrian tunnel, it is the only public underground elevator in New Zealand.  It was built in 1919 (and it shows!), and was operated by a friendly informative lady (and cost us $2 each person each way).

This photo shows the top part of the Elevator Tower.

From here, we obtained a lovely view out over Wanganui city and the Whanganui River that winds through it.

Nearby is a World War I Memorial Tower, built in 1925 from shellrock (cemented marine sandstone containing shell fragments).

There are 176 internal steps to reach the top (it is 104 metres high), but a sign at the bottom warning of earthquake-prone issues was enough to put me off attempting to climb any of them!

Have a great day everyone 😊



  1. You will have lots of memories from this trip, and in the age of digital photography many photographs to cement those memories.

  2. You certainly had a wonderful trip.

  3. Road trips through New Zealand are just great. I had a train trip from Palmerston North to Auckland years ago, and was constantly reminded of how beautiful our country is.

  4. I love going through Bulls, it's such a fascinating place. I don't often get to stop there as I am generally travelling with others these days... it's years since I have been to Whanganui. I'm off to New Plymouth tomorrow - I may even blog about that!!
    Stay safe

    1. Enjoy your time in New Plymouth, Maxine :)
      And I would love to read about it in your blog xx

  5. Hello
    Wonderful trips photos. I like all the Bull signs and mural. The view is beautiful. Take care, have a happy day!

  6. What wonderful places to visit. Loved those ones of Bulls!

  7. Looks like a lovely road trip, Margaret. The quips about Bulls are very clever and entertaining. I don't think I would have climbed up those 176 steps either - I'm not a fan of steep circular stairways like that.

  8. I would forego anything with earthquake issues too. What a beautiful area you visited. I can imagine the bull comments.

  9. What a fun post this was...I love the Constabulls! And the WWI tower...I would have stayed on the ground right with you...And that river shot...I love it.

  10. Bulls of course was my fav!!! So fun and creative!
    I doubt I would be willing to take 176 - one way, too. Another great day, thank you for sharing this!

  11. These photographs look so relaxing and peaceful! Thank you for taking us with you Margaret and I am very sure you enjoyed your trip! Love to see you in front of the cop shop :)

  12. Durie Hill elevator sounds so interesting! You seemed to find spots of interest wherever you stopped. No doubt because you had done your planning well in advance.

    1. We had several planning sessions together when we were making up our itinerary. Finding things online helps a lot :)

  13. I'm regretting now having never stopped in Sanson. I'd love to see that Sky Hawk Playground. You found some great spots on your trip, didn't you?


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