Wednesday, 25 January 2023

The Mooloo Bell


When I was an older child, my father took me with him to see a rugby match.  I have two enduring memories of that match – one was of a crowd of people bigger than I had ever seen before, and the other was the loud sound of clanking cow bells.

Those cow bells have now been around since the early 1950s, becoming an iconic representation of the Waikato Rugby mascot, a cow named “Mooloo.”

The Waikato was famous for its dairy farming industry, so it seemed only proper that their mascot would be a cow – albeit, a two-person animal with a fancy head. 

The cow bell was an obvious follow-on, and a great adjunct to the noise made by eager rugby fans when their favourite team scored.

Today, the cow bell is still much in existence although the mascot is not often seen.

I have an ex-Waikato friend living in Christchurch who asked me to find a bell for him, so he can combat the enthusiasm of his Cantabrian friends.

I have sent him his bell, with the wish I hope he gets to clang it many times.

Go Waikato Rugby!

Margaret 😊



  1. What a wonderful bell Margaret - I love the sound of those bells at a match!!

  2. Love the idea of the bell. Go Waikato!

  3. Cow bells?! Mooloo is such a sweet name.
    In American Football (at least here in Germany) they have these ultra-lout rattles. I cannot go to the games without ear protection...
    And I don´t like that "new" tradition... a cow-bell must sound nicer - to your friend, let the games begin properly! x

  4. Awesome story if your first match, what a great memory.

  5. Nothing better that a cow bell for making noise!!

  6. Just love your photo of the cowbell. A lovely contrast to the softness of the flowers. Yes, we always know when Waikato is playing, don't we?

  7. Gosh I haven't seen those for years but I do remember people using them at football games.

  8. I bet it was fun to go that first time...


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