Saturday, 1 October 2022

Local Body Elections


There are many different forms of government on this earth, and the one we currently live under here is called Democracy. 

Abraham Lincoln once described it as “of the people, by the people, for the people.”  In reality, what it means is the people get to choose, every so often, the people they want to rule over them.  Once those people are chosen, they have the authority and power to make decisions for the country and the voting public have no further say in the matter (they may grumble, but that is all).

The same goes for local authorities, and voting is currently taking place to choose our city mayor, city councillors, and regional representatives.

Although it is a legal requirement to be enrolled on the voting register it is not a legal requirement to vote, but now I am a permanent resident here in Hamilton I have decided to exercise my right to do so.

A little pamphlet arrived with the voting papers and I read through the candidate descriptions and chose the ones I wanted.  Now all I had to do was find somewhere to post it.

Post Offices are almost non-existent now, only to be found lurking at the back of a shop somewhere (usually a book shop).  Street post boxes are also becoming more difficult to find – I guess with the advent of email there are fewer and fewer people actually using the postal system any more.

A search online discovered our nearest Post Box was only a couple of kilometres away, hidden down a side road.  I went for a drive, but do you think I could find it? 

I drove past twice before I caught sight of it hidden in beside a bus-stop shelter.  It was small and tatty-looking but still had a plaque stating collection times, so I entrusted my voting papers to its inner bowels and drove off with a small feeling of satisfaction at having done my bit for the governance of our fair city.

What a pleasant surprise to discover son had planted tulips in his garden

What a lot of drivel I write sometimes!  I hope it hasn’t been too boring 😊




This coal train was photographed at Arthurs Pass in May 2019. 

Arthurs Pass is 739 metres above sea level (2424 feet), and is one of three passes that cross the Southern Alps in the South Island.  It was the first Pass to become a proper road, being opened in 1866 to cater for gold-rush miners accessing the West Coast.



  1. Love your header husband is a real train enthusiast, as well as model railroading as a hobby. I'm always interested in the differences from here to there...we have post offices in most towns, Ours is quite large off the town square, while other towns have just a little building tucked between homes. I'm curious how you mail packages...are they picked up at your front door? Always something new to learn...and yes voting, I have to say I choose the person I feel will do the best job, but I agree, often you fill find me grumbling! Enjoy your weekend, Mary

    1. For packages we have to find a post office agency - the nearest one to us is actually located in a small foodmarket/dairy. The alternative is to courier it, and they will collect it as well but it can cost more. Not that many years ago, every town had at least one proper post office and mail was delivered six days a week (now it is twice a week). It is called cost-cutting :(

  2. I too have cast my vote - thankfully with a smaller town, the I think 3 remaining boxes are all emptied regularly - one is outside the agency, so I usually use that one as it is on the closet edge of the shopping area, and I can walk there easily.
    What a stunning tulip that is - that is the one thing I am missing from the house I sold, my tulips.
    Love that header photo - I love travelling that pass.

  3. State election is coming in Nov. Not looking forward to it as I am in an iron seat of a major political party. Not as if we get a TEAL on board anyway. Beautiful tulip flower there

  4. I'm not sure voting makes much difference, but it's best to do it.

  5. Voting is so important. We love postal voting but you are right about worrying whether a postal system will continue to exist in any useful form. How do we encourage young people to vote and to keep politicians honest by continuing to vote? Yes some politicians do go off on their own jaunts, but they only get that for a relatively short term if we vote to keep them honest. Love the new header - F knows Arthur's Pass very well. Xxx Mr T

  6. Margaret, really? Rail as banner? LOL.
    I see it as another sign of luck, thank you! :-)

    Yes. For, from... the people... that was long ago. Here politicians only raise their hands for a non-deserved raise in pay.
    When I see our "Chancellor"... I wanna hide. He´s a puppet.

    Yet. I will vote.

    Oh, same here, try to find a street post box!

    Beautiful tulip-surprise.

    LOL, thank you with also ending with railway ;-)
    I wanted to share the railway exhibition today, but went to another, more important theme...
    To a great weekend! x

  7. It is municipal voting time here too. I am always a little ashamed that I know so little of our local candidates while being fully informed of those at the provincial and national level.

  8. Nothing you/we write is drivel!!!!!!!!!!! I sezzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

    Now, for October Eves.
    🍁 🌻 🍂 🌰 🍂 🌻 🍁

  9. Living on the west coast now I'm beginning to get use to seeing our kiwilink coal trails winding their way through the little towns. I don't think you write drivel at all but I haven't gotten around to updating my address for elections yet, hopefully once the house we are buying goes unconditional I will do it then.

  10. I did not vote earlier in my life but for the past 20 years or so I make sure to get out in vote. Love that train picture with the mountains in the background!

  11. A Post Box in rough shape hidden behind a bus shelter wouldn't inspire much confidence in your mail service. Let's hope your ballot reaches its destination.
    We have all sorts of municipal elections and school trustees etc etc. I must do my homework and find out about the various options. Then cast my votes and hope for the best.

  12. Talking about disappearing post boxes ... A few years ago the post box I used disappeared and the next nearest box is a 20 minute drive away. When I was having a moan about that to someone they pointed out that it had merely been moved about 5 metres, around a corner. I'm still trying to figure out why, why, why rather than giving thanks that we still have one in our little village. I've posted off my ballot paper for the council elections. I'm more sure of who I don't want to succeed than I am about who I want to win.

  13. Never boring to me. I like hearing others thoughts as they go about doing their thing.


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