Saturday, 27 November 2021

Fifty Years Ago


I always think it is strange how memories have no time frame to them.  Whether it happened yesterday or last month or decades ago, the memory remains the same and takes no account of time having past by.

In some ways fifty years sounds like a long time, but in other ways it is no time at all.  That is how I am feeling today, as it was fifty years ago that I first met my husband.

We met on a Blind Date, organized by my girlfriend as I never had a partner to attend a 21st birthday party.  I am so glad she set us up together!

It was the start of a relationship that lasted nearly forty-seven years and left me with multiple happy memories, and gratitude that I was able to meet such a wonderful man and become his wife for so many years.

My Garden this morning

It has been a bit of a hectic week this week and I have spent very little time on my computer.  My apologies for not visiting anyone's blog.

One of my brothers had a triple bypass heart operation that never went as smoothly as was expected. He is on the road to recovery now and hopefully will soon be able to leave ICU and head into a cardiac ward.  It is always a major concern when a loved one becomes ill, and the longer I live the more it seems to happen.

Ginger, a scented-leaf pelargonium

Shopping has gone crazy this week.  Everywhere is full of Black Friday Week sales, Christmas is looming, the easing of covid restrictions means more places are open for business, and next week there is the threat of unvaccinated people with no ‘pass’ being not able to go to many places.  So it seems that this week, every man and his dog (as the saying goes!), has been in town.

I still went shopping though. 

I bought a new floor mop and bucket, and a yard broom, as well as a decorative box to hold my ironing while it waits patiently for me to get to do it.

But my happiest purchases have been some new pelargoniums.  Five, in fact.  

Harmony has pink flowers with a white centre, Really Red is red, Vancouver Centennial has pretty leaves, Lady Plymouth has rose scented leaves, and Ginger has ginger-scented leaves and pretty flowers.

Really Red really is RED!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend,

Margaret 😊


  1. I hope your brother continues to improve and is home soon, my sister had a heat op a couple of weeks ago, scary times. This virus is not going away any time soon, it's scary times ahead.

    1. Thanks Marlene. Yes, it looks like the virus is here to stay. Stay safe :)

  2. Good memories! My husband and I had our first real date on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1967 that was 54 years ago. Doesn't seem like that long ago. Your Pelargoniums are beautiful!

    1. I used to think fifty years was such a long time LOL
      I have an enduring love affair with pelargoniums, so it is nice to be growing them again :)

  3. Love the garden and the memories. xxx Sandy

  4. Yes, it's 48 years on Boxing Day since we met and married, and we managed 43 years together... happy memories indeed.
    What beautiful pelargoniums you chose Margaret - I hope they flower well for you. I had a friend who went up to The Base last weekend, and she noted that although there were lots of folk out and about, they were very solemn looking, as though they thought it may not last...
    Stay safe

    1. With everyone wearing a mask it is hard to see if anyone is smiling or not - I spoke to one woman who said she pokes her tongue out at people and they don't know because it is behind her mask!

  5. Hope your brother continues to improve and gets out of hospital soon.

  6. Pelargoniums were another flower my father grew. He had a green thumb. The red is bright and beautiful. Lovely to have such colour in the garden.
    Just wear the mask and get out there. You eventually learn to live with it all, as we are doing. Keep away from those crowds though. Foruntately Black Friday is more or less an online thing here. All we did was buy some cheap clothes from a new, chinese of course but international, site.
    Love the idea of someone poking out their tongue behind the mask. I smile and then realise it cant be seen.

  7. You have my deepest respect for how you handle to have lost the love of your life. Never know if I will be that strong. I want to go first.
    Triple bypass sounds very scary. Best wishes from here. And hugs.
    Beautiful flowers xx

  8. Black Friday has become a pox throughout the world. Why we choose to adopt this inanity is beyond me. As for memories, fifty years can be compressed into a few minutes it seems. One thing is for sure, we don't have fifty years remaining, and perhaps we will be part of someone else's memories.

  9. I loved hearing how you met your hubby and so glad you have happy memories. Yes, seems like the older we get, the more medical stuff there is.

    And I so love Really Red!

  10. It's a day to cherish happy memories! I hope your brother continues to recover from his surgery.
    Your Pelargoniums are lovely. I have managed to overwinter my Vancouver Centennial for 2 years ( on the porch) and am hoping I will again the year because they're rather hard to find.

  11. I hope your brother's progress is super steady, and he's feeling a box of birds by Christmas. Serious ill-health of those dearest to us is indeed scary, and occurs more frequently as we age! I had a very serious health scare four years ago, and know that these years have been "extra". I suppose also, that the whole ever-present threat posed by this darned Covid makes us more aware of the fragility of life.

    I've been very happily married for 45 years, and am grateful for every new day together. Those of us with happy marriages, and good family relationships need to be aware that others are not so fortunate, and wonder how we would cope if things weren't as rosy for us.

  12. It must be the season for memories of special loved ones. 10 years last week since my father died. My brother now stands in for the calm sanity and long insightful conversations. Brothers can be more special than we understand until we're faced with the reality of their aging too (we never age ourselves of course). I hope yours has many more years of good life ahead now. xxx F

  13. What a lovely post and nice to read how you meet your husband...
    Yes we have had a crazy Black Friday here too and so crowded with people!! I rather stay at home, keeping safe...
    Greetings from a grey Sweden & Titti

  14. So sweet to read your story...what wonderful memories. Hoping your brother is on the mend...what a worry you've had. And the flowers are lovely, such pretty colors! I had to look up pelargoniums - another one of those differences from "across the miles" - here they're called geraniums. No matter the name, they look so cheery! Mary

  15. Your Pelargoniums look lovely, I especially like the deep, deep red. I hope your brother continues to improve and is well enough to enjoy Christmas festivities. That must have been a very worrying time for you. I've avoided town all week, don't handle crowds very well, bugger the sales as far as I'm concerned. I'm happy for you having such lovely memories of your dear husband.


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